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Promoting Brands on Social Media

Social media is a great way of connecting with your family and friends and creating new relationships. However, it can also be utilised as a promotional platform.

Today, it is common for even a small local company to have a large social media presence in order to promote their business. It is now considered a social norm for an individual to have an account on at least one of the major social media websites.

One of the prime reasons that social media is highly preferred is because it does not demand any cost, at least for the basic features. The operation of a website is heavily reliant on other people, such as: the hosting company, a website designer, SEO and domain name services. These additional services and man power require a lot of money and personal time. A social media account can be managed independently and remotely.

Social media, as you may know, operates using subscribers or followers who are real people that have a genuine interest in what you are promoting making your conversion rates much higher. You know exactly how many people you are reaching with your posts and exactly who they are, which is very valuable. However, your followers or subscribers are only your inner circle, your posts can reach much further via shares, reblogs or retweets. Which is why it is important to create content with value so your followers are more likely to share it with their friends.

Facebook allows you to specify your posts visibility by usersí social demographic. This is possible because each user has a detailed profile. Before social media, marketers spent large sums of money on profiling and targeting particular demographics, but it is now free and easy.

Another benefit of social media as a promotional tool is that posts can spread across several different websites and mediums; your Facebook post may be shared to Twitter and so on. Social media is not just a static platform to post flat advertising banners, it can be utilised to encourage discussion and share experiences with a brand across social communities.

Social media provides a human touch to advertising, a banner advertisement on a website cannot provide a voice, personality or a discussion. Your followers will be interested in what you have to say and build a relationship in the same way as two friends using social media.

Several social media websites provide premium membership or a one off ďpost boosterĒ service for a small fee. This greatly increases the visibility and reach of your advertisements, enables additional social tracking features and puts you ahead of the competition.

To summarise:


Casino Affiliate Marketing

Casino affiliate marketing has always been one of the most profitable niches offering some of the highest earnings per click. With rev-share deals itís possible to have a referred player making you recurring commissions for many months or even years but with thousands of affiliate sites listed in Google you may be forgiven for thinking that you have missed the boat on this niche.

The reality is the party hasnít even started yet and itís still one of the most profitable affiliate marketing industries to get involved in as online gambling is still growing every year.

The reason most affiliates donít make it is because they lose interest and give up to easily when they donít see the commissions instantly rolling in. The reality is that just like everything in life to become successful you need to be patient and put in the leg work and then the results will eventually follow.

In my opinion the way to do this is by writing lots of legitimate content for your visitors to read and by being honest and only listing online casinos that you would play at yourself. The great thing about this business is the only financial outlay is a domain and web hosting and the rest is free!

The casino takes care of all the costs associated with running a casino and will also provide the affiliate software and all the banners/promotional material you need for a successful campaign. Many programs will even go the extra mile by writing unique reviews and designing custom landing pages for their affiliates!

Letís take a look at the different areas of content casino affiliate websites should focus on:

New bonuses and promotions

Online casinos offer bonuses as an incentive to entice players and there are many different types available. The main ones are Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses.

The terms and conditions attached to these bonuses differ depending on the casino, some are legit decent bonuses with low play through requirements and others are designed to keep the player locked into a lengthy session and needing a miracle to ever actually withdrawal.

Although you donít really want the players you refer to withdraw as this can hit your commissions your visitors will appreciate your honesty in letting them know which bonuses are worth bothering with.

Nearly all casino players lose in the end regardless so to keep your traffic returning I would recommend an honest approach in the way you list and report on the various bonuses available to them.

New Slots and Casino Games

New slots and casino games are often released by all the big games developers and these are greatly anticipated by the players. Generally itís a good idea to keep updated with all the latest developments and news from the main games suppliers such as Netent and Microgaming and keep your website updated on release dates and which casinos can offer the new games.

The new games are a great opportunity to reactive players who havenít played in a while perhaps bored with current game selection.

Tips, strategies and game rules

Letís face it most casino players now mostly play slot games and bet to their own individual style and strategy and nothing is going to change that but Itís still a good idea to list all the popular betting strategies and tips to beef up the content on your website.

Thereís lots of information out there on the web regarding popular betting systems such as the Martin Gale or Kelly criterion which means lots of great content to write about!

Big Winners

Some of the most profitable affiliate websites Iíve seen seem to focus a lot on the big wins of other casino players with pictures and videos of the win. When your visitors see proof of previous big wins it will tempt them into signing up to try and win big themselves.

Maybe you can offer incentives to your visitors in return for them sending in pictures of their big wins and then post these on your website/Facebook or even YouTube channel.

Thatís pretty much it in regards to online casino content and if you stick to these topics and provide good unique content it will eventually pay off with lots of lovely affiliate commissions. If you have any questions feel free to sign up to our forums and start a thread, it always great to get feedback or help new affiliates get off the ground!


Becoming A Binary Options Affiliate

Since 2012 Binary options companies have been popping up all over the place and itís clear to see why. They give the everyday man a chance to get involved in financial markets with a very minimal level of skill required to get going. Players are simply betting on whether they think certain markets are going up or down in a specified timeframe.

The player says to himself ďThe EUR/USD has gained 3 days in a row and looks overheated Iím betting on a pullback todayĒ and would then bet on the currency pair finishing negative for that particular day and if it does they win the bet. This is much more akin to gambling then trading as financial markets are notoriously unpredictable in the short term.

This is why I donít personally trade binary options as unless you have been trading for many years and know what you are doing you are almost certainly going to lose. Binary options trading is similar to betting on Red or Black in the casino and just like the casino there is a house edge involved which means they will win in the long term.

This doesnít mean it is impossible to profit from the Binary options but you are much better off on the other side of the fence as an affiliate instead. Hundreds of binary options companies have emerged over the last few years and they all have affiliate programs which tells you all you need to know. There are lots of affiliate commissions to be made in Binary options trading!

How to get started as a Binary option affiliate

First you need to figure out how you are going to drive traffic to your Binary offer. There are many different ways to do this Ė Websites, Social media and mailing lists are the obvious ones. Itís easy to join an affiliate program but itís hard to find a reputable one that wonít do shady stuff so personally I would advise joining a trustworthy affiliate network such as that vet and review all brands before making their offers available.

The advantage of joining an affiliate network is that you get to promote many brands all under one platform and have the best platform on the market, easy to get started and also a variety of ways to breakdown and analyse your traffic enabling you to tweak your advertising campaigns to improve conversion rates.

Binary option affiliate commissions explained

Most Binary affiliate programs only make CPA deals available for their affiliates. The CPA amount differs depending on which brand you are working with and in some cases the amount will change depending on which country the referred trader came from.

CPA means Cost per Acquisition and the way it works is you will get a pre-determined amount for every trader that you refer that makes a deposit. There are always terms and conditions attached to these deals, most Binary option CPA deals will require a minimum deposit amount and also a minimum amount of trading activity required before the commission is released.

I have also seen programs that require the trader needs to be reachable by phone before paying out, which is ridiculous in my opinion! Although itís rare in Binary options affiliate marketing some programs will also offer Rev-share.

This is where you will receive a percentage of any profit the broker makes from the trader. This is perhaps the fairest avenue for both parties and in some instances can be a lot more profitable for affiliates with some traders returning for months or even years depositing again and again.


Forex Affiliate Marketing

Forex affiliate marketing is really starting to take off and itís clear to see why. Forex trading is becoming a big market and affiliates want a slice of the pie. FX trading and the internet are a perfect match , with people being able to constantly monitor and trade the markets either from the comfort of their own home or from their mobile phone while on the move, it now doesnít matter where you are or what you are doing you can stay up to date with the markets.

This naturally means more people are starting to fancy themselves as currency traders addicted to the fancy charts and easy money. The sad truth is that most retail traders lose money and depending on your source this number is anywhere between 70-97%. This is why itís very profitable to become a forex affiliate nowadays as hundreds of forex brokers have popped up to take advantage of the new found popularity and naturally people will need opinions on who are the best FX companies to trade with and why.

This is where you can come in with your website, YouTube channel or email marketing campaigns. You can list and review the best forex brokers and why you think they are the best. If you are a new forex affiliate you should consider making long term affiliate partnerships with brands that you can trust are going to be around for a long time.

If you refer 50 traders on lifetime rev-share and the company goes out of business you have wasted a lot of time and potential earnings that could have been avoided by choosing the right brand to work with. Sometimes as an affiliate you should not just go for the biggest pay-out but consider what is actually the most trustworthy and reliable company to promote. Your traffic will appreciate it and recognise your website as an honest website and keep coming back for more. is an affiliate network that allows you to promote many world class brands under one powerful platform that provides you with a variety of ways to breakdown and analyse traffic. Sign up here to become marketing partners with the premium Forex/Binary and casino affiliate network.

Forex commissions explained

There are many different types of commissions for forex affiliates. If you are familiar with Affiliate marketing you will already be familiar with many of them, letís take a closer look:

Receive a percentage of the profit. If your deal is 30% and the broker makes £10000 you will receive £3000. If you are in this for the long term and are prepared to wait this is the best option for sure.

Rev-share usually involves lifetime commissions and itís not unheard of to make commissions for many years from some of your referred traders. If you are serious about becoming a forex affiliate and not just after a quick buck this is my preferred option.


This means Cost per Acquisition. With the CPA model you will receive one fixed amount for every trader that you refer. Usually there will be stipulations in the terms and conditions that the trader will have to deposit x amount and make a certain amount of trades.

If you want quick money and are unsure of the quality of your traffic this is not a bad option and should be considered. You will receive an agreed amount for each trader you refer and that will be it.


CPL is when you get paid for every lead you refer to the broker. There are no terms needing the lead to deposit or trade they usually just need to sign up for either a demo account or standard account for your commission to be released.

The sales team from the respective broker will then try and convert the lead via phone or email. This is a solid option for certain types of traffic, and can convert very well with a well configured squeeze page.

Lot Rebate:

Lot rebate is starting to become very popular with Forex affiliate programs. It is similar to rev-share with the affiliate being rewarded with a pre-determined amount for every lot traded by their referred traders.

Pip Rebate:

Pip Rebate is a lot like Lot Rebate with an important caveat Ė it generates commission at a different rate depending on the symbols that your referrals are trading. It means that if you have traffic that deals in particularly high value commodities like Gold or Silver you can get paid a rate which reflects that value. Youíll still be earning for their other trades as well! We have only seen this available in Advertising365 and other ETRASS affiliate programs and we love it.


Hybrid affiliate deals are usually a mixture between Rev-share and CPA. You will get a CPA amount for the signup and deposit then rev-share for the rest of the trading activity from the trader.

Sign up to the premium Forex/Binary and casino affiliate network here to promote many world class brands all under one powerful platform that provides many ways to breakdown and analyse traffic.

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