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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Published 26.11.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming the biggest ways to make money online, being accessible to all users of the internet. Often branded as a way to make money whilst you sleep, this form of marketing can act as a second job that's constantly earning - providing you do it right.

With the entire world being connected in one place, the internet has completely taken over almost every industry including shopping, gambling and even foreign exchange with companies such as Amazon climbing to the top of the food chain. It's no surprise that companies are moving away from regular advertisement and turning to paying people to promote their websites in as many corners of the internet as possible.

Affiliate Marketing comes with a great deal of freedom for affiliates, which are able to promote in various ways - whether its through a banner on a related or unrelated website, a hyperlink on a review page or even posting links on social media to family, friends or your audience.

Where to Promote
There are a few things to consider as a new affiliate, firstly is where you are promoting. It's important to have multiple places to send traffic from, these can both have similar content but ensuring that you have multiple sites to place your banners adds a level of financial security in the event a your audience dries up.

Website Compatibility
In the last few years, mobile phones have gone from sending simple text messages to a platform you can search the internet for anything, with each generation moving further away from computers and more towards the sole use of their phones. As an affiliate, something you cannot afford to overlook is your mobile friendly views, in-cooperating elements such as scaling content and using buttons rather than small hyperlinks that can often get missed or are simply hard to click on a small screen. Opening your website to be mobile friendly opens your site to a wider audience, generating more traffic and clicks, resulting in more revenue in your pocket.

Trends and Seasons
It's important to be aware of the current trends and seasons going on in the world, to stay ahead of them and rework your content to be themed towards the type of traffic visiting at certain times of year. For example, if you are promoting a brand new gadget that's an all year around product - changing up your content to have a Christmas theme might encourage people to associate the gadget you are promoting as a Christmas present.

The path to being a successful affiliate marketer isn't an easy one, with how fast the internet changes it can be a task to keep up to date with everything you can be doing, but the tips mentioned will give a helping hand. Being an affiliate is a lot of work, but as a job you can maintain of an evening that can generate you money throughout the night is a great attraction to everyone.

Casino Commission Launches its Brand-New Affiliate Program

Published 22.11.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

After a successful launch in the first half of 2018 and continued success - EuroPlays, Gold Fortune Casino, Jackpot21 and Slots555 have been picked up to a brand new affiliate program - Casino Commission.

We've mentioned the casinos here before, but for the sake of anyone who hasn't seen them yet - they are top tier casinos on the rise in the industry, each with a selection of incredible games.
They each have fantastic welcome offers for their new players ensuring a healthy conversion rate and excellent commission for affiliates. You can read a full review of Casino Commission in our Affiliate Program Reviews where you'll find reviews for lots of other top-converting affiliate programs.

Casino Commission are on the hunt for some brand new affiliates, offering an outstanding 50% revenue-share commission plan with no negative carry-over as default.

Join Casino Commission today - Launch New Affiliate Platform

Published 20.11.2018  Author: Editor  Category: News was originally launched in 2008 as an advertising network catering for a global publisher base delivering targeted ad media content for market leading brands. A fast paced industry has seen continue to develop its platform to ensure their clients are utilizing the best technology available at all times.

The latest development sees a totally new responsive affiliate marketing platform deployed where affiliate marketers can work with a variety of brands in multiple industry verticals. A very user-friendly platform back office means that anyone from a a complete newbie through to a seasoned professional, will enjoy using the platform for its simplicity, functionality and total reliability.

Launching with a selection of top brands to get you started, is promising to continue to add more brands for you to work with every month.

Join Today!

Gold Fortune Casino launches its brand new affiliate program

Published 18.11.2018  Author: Editor  Category: News

Gold Fortune Casino launches its brand new affiliate program with a standard 50% lifetime revenue share commission deal plus no negative balance carry over. The UK based Casino Affiliate Network is powered by the world leading EGASS Perfomance Marketing and Affiliate Management platform giving affiliates piece of mind from content delivery, detailed traffic and financial reports and a comprehensive accounting platform so you can stay onto of invoices and commission payments.

Gold Fortune Casino offers over 800 desktop, tablet and smartphone casino games and branded slots, a state of the art user interface, security technology used by banks and stock markets worldwide and a professional level of customer service that others can only aspire to.

Offering referred players a 100% welcome deposit bonus and a whole host of regular promotions, our casino management team have a wealth of experience and success in delivering amazing results through a full cycle retention strategy.

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