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William Hill in Trouble for Tinder Gambling Advert

Published 16.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

William Hill, one of the UK’s household names has had another run in with the UK’s Advertising Standard Authority. This time for a Tinder campaign that crossed the line by associating gambling with sexual success.

A complaint was made by a Tinder user, who took offense to William Hill’s advert that appeared in March to promote the upcoming Cheltenham racing festival. The advert was sent as a direct message to users, with the tagline “Stuck in the friend zone? You won’t be for much longer if you use this Cheltenham free bet offer.” The user felt that the advert was in violation of the UK’s advertising code, by linking gambling to progressing sexual relationships.

The team at William Hill released a statement to say that they were suggesting that usually, Tinder users “shop around” on the app and that they should consider William Hill when shopping around for places to bet. After their statement and with much backwards and forwards with the ASA, they had apparently retracted this statement and agreed that the advert had “potential to be interpreted differently” William Hill removed the ad and conducted a review of their other Tinder promotions. Interestingly enough, Tinder stepped forward to say that they saw nothing wrong with the ad before adding it to their platform and hadn’t received any complaints about it afterwards

The final ASA assessment ruled the ad to be linking gambling with the ability to turn a friendship into a sexual relationship, with implications that you will win big and earn the interest of people who only considered you friends. The ASA followed up with William Hill and ordered them to ensure the same ad did not make further appearances along with making sure that future ads do not link gambling with seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness.

Philippines President Reconsidering Gambling Expansion Ban?

Published 15.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Philippines gambling industry has managed to take a vital step forward, after being pushed backwards every time a glimmer of hope presented itself. The small victory came after President Rodrigo Duterte showed signs that he might reconsider his ban on gambling expansion.

At a campaign stop on May 11th, Duterte was present to support his allies in the lead-up to the May 13th mid-term election and spent a little time talking about his efforts against gambling. Dutetre said “That gambling-gambling, I will not meddle with it anymore, just do not enter. I cannot control it, really… I will let you in, but not extortion or drugs.”

This is a big change from the president, as in the past we have seen comments such as “I will not allow gambling… I hate gambling” – Due to his previous views, the Philippine Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR) has been barred from issuing new licenses to potential casino operators

No official policy change has been made and there is no telling if Duterte will allow PAGCOR to begin approving new licenses, but there is now a new hope that he could have a change of heart.

Spanish TV Broadcaster Stops Gambling Ads

Published 13.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Gambling Advertising is becoming sparse across Europe, with numerous regulators stepping in and adding new rules and restrictions. While not exactly a ban, the Spanish broadcaster Euskal Irrati Telebista (EITB) have recently announced that they will no longer run gambling related ads on their TV, radio and other platforms.

A statement was released, explaining the decision – claiming that they were “protecting and safeguarding the right of the most vulnerable against the serious problems of addiction that gambling and betting can create.”

It’s expected that these bans will end up being enforced across the entire Spanish market, with the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party winning the
election in late April. The party itself, is anti-gambling, with intentions of fully banning gambling advertisements. Such restrictions have already been actioned by the Assembly of Madrid, after they instructed TeleMadrid to stop advertising across digital outlets.

These planned changes will put Spain in line with the UK and Italy. Both regulation bodies have restricted the use of celebrities, child-friendly characters and have had them removed from TV channels that minors are likely to be watching.

UK Gambling Commission - New Regulation

Published 11.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is still working on ways to better regulate the market to make the industry a safer place for consumers. The regulator published a new framework, after further investigation into the effects gambling can have on health, relationships and finances of young people.

Helen Rhodes, the Gambling Commission’s Programme Director for Safer Gambling said: “Gaining a better understanding of the impact of gambling on children and young people is a key priority for the Commission. This newly released framework will provide critical insight into the range of harms that young people in Britain can experience and will help greatly in concentrating the National Strategy’s prevention and education initiatives where they will have the most impact.”

This isn’t the only news from UKGC
, new rules have been put in place, with operators needing to verify the identity of players before they are able to place bets. The age of the customer as well as the personal details, such as name and location will need to be confirmed. Pre-existing players, who have not provided such details, will need to be prompted to and will need to be approved before being able to gamble with any funds that may already be on their account.

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