HY Market's Affiliate Program Review

HY Markets
Number of Brands:
Commission Types:
Rev-Share, CPA, Lot Rebate
Payment Methods:
Wire Transfer, Skrill, Trader Account
Negative Carry-Over:

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When you are looking to start an affiliation with a Forex and Binary option, the affiliate program should definitely be something to be taken into account. Licensed by the FCA you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm who will certainly look after their customers and also affiliates. HY Affiliates covers both www.hymarkets.com and www.piptrade.com, which can both be promoted from the same affiliate account. The supported languages are English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

HY Affiliates
HY Affiliates

Trading Platforms

HY Markets have a great selection of trading platforms, such as HY Web Trader, HY MT4 Download, HY MT4 Web Trader and the game changing Trade by Tick.

Deposit Options

HYCM offers a wide-range of deposit methods, without the use of any processing fees. The platform offers a few different e-wallet options such as WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill - each will a minimum deposit value of $20. If you do not feel comfortable trusting your money in e-wallets, HY offer wire transfers, however requiring a minimum deposit of $250.

Getting Started as an Affiliate

In order to begin promoting HY Markets, refer traders and receive affiliate commission, you must first register yourself an affiliate account. To do this, visit HYAffiliates.com and fill out the registration form.

Affiliate Software

HY Affiliates provides a state of the art affiliate tracking platform provided by eTrass for their affiliates. Many other Forex affiliate programs use poorly designed in-house tracking platforms and HY have shown they mean business by licensing one of the premium Forex affiliate software solutions. The affiliate platform is easy to use for beginners but with also many powerful analytics for the advanced user.

Creating Campaign

Once you have registered for an account, you will need to verify your account from an email confirmation and then wait for an account manager to be assigned to you before logging in. Once you have logged in, find the campaigns tab at the top of the screen, enter a campaign name and click "Add".

Banners & Promotional Material

HY Affiliates have a vast choice of advertisement material, including the most popular type - Banners, in many different formats, sizes and languages to suit your website. To access the promotion material, go to "Campaigns" then click "Ad-Server" for the campaign of your choice. Once you have decided on which banner you would like to use, simply click "HTML" or "JavaScript" code to receive your banner with a the tracking link attached. It's that simple.

Analysing your Traffic - Reports

The affiliate platform that HYCM use offers a range of different reports, allowing you to see general statistics across the board, summaries of location of referred accounts and even a breakdown of the trader transactions from your referrals. Each of these reports can be filtered by date, the language of the traders and the brands you are promoting, these can then be broken down into all sorts to make a bespoke report. If you just want a simple report on the last month, this can also be done too.

Commission Types

HY Affiliates offers a few different commission types on offer in the system, allowing for you to pick you preferred method.

Rev-Share: Revenue Share is basically a cut of the profits from the referred trader. HY offer around 10-20% Rev-Share depending on the amount of revenue generated. The more revenue generated, the higher the percentage you will receive.
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): HY's CPA offers are competitive in comparison to other big brokers, varying between $100-$500 depending on how many traders you have referred and their country.
Lot Rebate: HY Affiliate gives the opportunity to earn the commission type called "Lot Rebate" which is something quite unique and quickly becoming the preferred method for affiliates. The deal offers a sum of money for every time a lot is traded by one of your referred trader accounts. HYCM offer a competitive tiered structure of $6-$10 per lot depending on a few criteria.

Please note, that there is a payment threshold which you need to reach before you are able to withdraw your commission. The payment threshold for HY Affiliates is $100, which can be withdrawn through a number of methods during the payment window at the start of each month.


HY Affiliates are one of the first places that come to mind when looking for a new Forex affiliate program. With the company being in the spotlight for around 30 years, there is no concern about them disappearing without a trace. Accompanied by their FCA license and strong reputation in the industry, you can have peace of mind that all referred traders will be well looked after. You will find top of the range trading platforms with all sorts of different products on offer and pride themselves on their top quality customer service.



Up to $1000 CPA
10-20% Rev-Share
Low Payment Threshold - $100


Need an Affiliate Manager to be assigned
Limited Payment Methods

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Emidio Mazza

24-02-2021, 17:03

+0 -0  

I've seen a lot of affiliate programs. Some offered a blatantly lousy product but helped promote it in every way possible. Others gave generous terms to clients but constantly lost data on my referrals. That means I was losing money. In general, I got tired of it and passed to the HY Affiliates.
There is a very reliable and transparent data accounting system in this program. In the personal account, you can see all the details of each referral. Payouts are high. And the broker itself, which we promote is multi-regulated, and therefore reliable.

Oliver Wolff

19-02-2021, 17:06

+0 -0  

Yes, etrass is a powerful software solution. I've read about it in many hy affiliates reviews. This software was created specifically to manage affiliate programs for the forex trading industry. And in hy affiliates it ensures transparency of payments to affiliates.
What do I like about it? Multilingual interface. In many hy affiliates reviews, you can read the advantage of interacting in your own language in affiliate marketing. Because not everybody speaks English, for example.
Unlimited affiliate campaigns are another pros. I can create as many campaigns as I want.
Detailed transaction reports help to improve your results. I can really track everything in hy affiliates. And I can create a report taking into account every parameter. So it's really great value for the profits of the affiliate program.
And of course, most of all, I like the fact that I don't lose referrals here. It is also easy to create a link and pin it automatically to the right banner. So I like the interface and the functionality of the program.

Ludwig Braun

20-01-2021, 15:05

+0 -0  

HY Affiliates has one of the highest payouts among affiliate programs. It's really true.
This affiliate program uses a very competent approach to doing business. It offers really decent rewards for attracting profitable clients. And thus, the program attracts strong partners who are well acquainted with the peculiarities of affiliate marketing. This is beneficial for all sides of the process. And, of course, there are top-notch affiliate marketing tools available.

Torben Nickel

16-12-2020, 17:40

+0 -0  

Oh, I really appreciate the opportunity to do an in-depth analysis of marketing activities, too. Because as a creative person, I'm always coming up with new things. There are new promotion methods, new ideas for attracting referrals, etc.
But without testing the results of such new ideas, they lose their value. And in HY Affiliates, you can always accurately determine which idea worked and which did not. Instead of guessing, you can just look at the exact numbers. It's cool.

Rafael Acevedo

18-11-2020, 15:10

+0 -0  

Yes, HY affiliate program has its pros and cons. This is true for any company, you know. There are no ideal solutions for affiliate marketing. But here, I like the referral tracking system. I've no problem with the fact that attracted clients are not counted. The Personal Account works perfectly. And, of course, creatives are developed at the highest level. This helps a lot in my work.

Meinhard John

11-11-2020, 12:19

+1 -0  

Yes, indeed, there are a lot of reports in HY affiliates. You can see visitors from which countries come to most often. How many unique clicks and unique visitors were there? How many new clients have made the deposit?
And reports can be broken down into separate advertising campaigns to compare their effectiveness. This dramatically simplifies the work with the affiliate program. Because you can immediately see which actions were the most effective. And you do not repeat those ones that did not bring significant results.
The data is updated quite often. So you always see the actual charts and tables.
And there is a paradise for visuals: here they can see charts and graphs, not just tables with numbers.
The data can be exported to a CSV file. Such reports are easy to store and compare with each other. For example, last month, you had 1000 visitors, and this one 800 only. What did you do differently? What could affect this figure?
After all, marketing is essentially tests and hypotheses. And HY affiliates makes it possible.

Anmol KC

31-10-2020, 00:38

+0 -1  

I agree that the platform for partners is essential! I remember how I suffered from another broker and its' CRM, which did not display referral links. How many clients I haven't counted is scary to remember.
That's why good software is now appreciated by me. I pay attention to this in the first place. Otherwise, it makes no sense to work at all. What's the sense of attracting clients if they get lost, and you don't get a reward? So, I'm glad that HY affiliates offers eTrass platform for affiliates.



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