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Each Month we take a quick look at 3 of the best affiliate programs making noise in our industry.


Advertising365.com is the advertising network that is the result of a merger of three advertising networks that come together to provide an extremely powerful platform for publishers and webmasters to deliver targeted ad-content to their audience on behalf of the networks advertising clients, who upload ad content to be displayed and by rewarding the publishers with a cost per click payment model.

The Advertising365.com network started out life in 2008 and quickly grew to connect over 5000 publishers delivering ad-content in 35 countries around the world and after the recent acquisition of both ClickServe and Interserve followed by the merging of all three networks, Advertising365 is looking forward to seeing its rapid growth continue and the roll out of its new updated platform in mid 2018 will see both publishers and advertisers given a full suite of tools to efficiently manage their campaigns.

The concept of the network is really simple in that it provides a platform to connect publishers with advertisers, where advertisers can pay for each click that their ads receive through the network, and publishers can also refer other publishers and advertisers and receive lifetime commissions from all the referred accounts activity.

Advertisers have the ability to target specific audience categories, countries, languages, keywords, day parting and of course adjust prices paid for the clicks on the fly to ensure maximum return on investment whilst maintaining competitiveness within the network. Publishers receive a sliding scale percentage of the click price paid by the advertisers that they deliver ad-content for with the more clicks produced, the higher the percentage received each month.

A complex algorithm ensures that advertising campaigns which are competitive and likely to reward publishers with price value for their traffic maintain a high profile and a powerful security system has been embedded to ensure the integrity of the network for advertisers and publishers alike.

Clearly a huge undertaking for a small network that is taking on the Google Adwords product which as we all know is less than attractive for small publishers and can cost advertisers an arm and a leg, Advertising365.com is making the network advertising approach a much simpler solution to understand and manage.

Take a look for yourself at www.advertising365.com

Cyber Club Casino Affiliates

Cyber Club Casino has been around for a long time now, origionally launching in 2002, making it one of the oldest online casino brands serving classic casino and slots game players from around thw world. Licensed in multiple juristictions, and delivering the best game offerings, over 800 onour last count this week, to its loyal fanbase, the Cyber Club Casino affiliate program is certainly worth working with if you have some good quality traffic.

The Cyber Club Casino Affiliate Program also spares no expense when it comes to providing its affiliates with the best affiliate marketing platform there is on th emarket by far in our opinion. EGASS by Network Media simply has to be the best affiliate management platform by a country mile compared to all the other platforms, so we have to salute Cyber Club for giving affiliates EGASS.

Laid out in a simple to understand interface and giving you all the features and functions you would expect to not only deliver your marketing strategy but report real transparent results (note to all the other affiliate platforms out there that hide information to give the upper hand to the operator, not the affiliate.

Dont take our word for it, head over to thier website now and get started. www.cyberclubaffiliates.com


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