Ad:Tech - Auckland

Ad:Tech - Auckland
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Auckland, NZ
AUT Business School
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Ad:Tech Auckland is a single day conference and exhibition which has been improving year to year since its very first New Zealand visit in 2014. Ad:Tech will always be a unique way to break through communication and social barriers within the advertising and online marketing world, it's a great place to meet contacts you have known for years, or develop new ones. The event overs the topics of today, exploring the technologies and ideas of today and sculpt the future of digital marketing. Technology changes fast, in recent years we have seen unheard of ideas being introduced to gaps in the market that we didn't know existed. The market is no longer defined by the worlds leading companies, a small company in your local area can come up with an idea that changes the entire industry.

Ad:Tech sets to achieve progress with their Auckland event, bringing together technology and ideas to combine the knowledge of the attendance. Hopefully by bringing together individuals from leading brands, media specialists, technologists and strategists we will be able to come up with new ideas on how to push the industry to the next level. The theme of this years Ad:Tech Auckland is "Lighting up the next room" which is a clever way of saying making the future easier to see, finding out whats next and how to be the first one to the future.

Event Details

Worlds Biggest Brands & Speakers

Ad:Tech are known for bringing in some of the biggest names in digital technology, with conferences all around the world, its no surprise they draw the attention of leading brands and speakers.

Networking & Business Matching

Eventhough Ad:Tech Auckland only runs for a single day, they have ensured to pack in as many chances for you to network with peers through structured and informal sessions. The sessions bring together brands, agencies, vendors and publishers to share opportunities and discuss potential deals.

Tomorrows Tech Today

Learn how the top brands, agencies and media owners plan to invest in performance marketing.

Meet Tech Investors

It's very common for huge audiences of buyers to attend these events, looking to gain an edge over their peers through investing in new tech.

Keynote Speakers

Reuben Field - Canopy
Lee Bush Upside.Digital
Elise Bennett - Outbrain
Lee Owens - Twitter, Australia
Rebecca Newton - Ebay Australia

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