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At the very heartbeat of every affiliate program is the affiliate management software that enables affiliates to signup, create tracking campaigns and report back to the affiliate the performance factors such as conversion rates and earnings.

If you are looking to operate a successful online affiliate program you will need an affiliate management software platform to enable your affiliates to perform all the usual affiliate marketing functions and also provide you with a comprehensive back office to manage your affiliates and your affiliate program.

Whilst there are a number of affiliate software providers out there in the market, as usual you get what you pay for and always be wary of an affiliate program that uses its "own inhouse" software as it is more often that not, a lot safer for affiliates to use a 3rd party platform who are indipendant of the operator.

Below is a list of the the best affiliate management software solutions that you can license to power your affiliate program business.

Internet Gaming

Forex & Trading

Retail & eCommerce

Multi Level Marketing

Top Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program
Casino Agents
Cyber Club Affiliates
Jackpot Luck Affiliates
HY Affiliates
Amsterdams Casino Affiliates
Super Affs
Network Media
Pure Hosting



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