Ad:Tech - New Delhi

Ad:Tech - New Delhi
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Gurgaon, IN
Leela Ambience Hotel
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Ad:tech New Delhi is an event on another level to competitors where marketing, technology and media communities come together to share trends, insights, disruptive technology thatís shaping the digital world. A great demand on with this new age is for things to be personalised and tailored specificially for each individual, which has led to a new wave of marketing tactics supported by powerful technologies. The digital world is quickly straying away from typical marketing methods, through ad blockers and platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime successful online advertising campaigns are sparse. Ad:Tech will investigate and explore potential solutions to these growing issues with created strategies in an attempt to overcome.

Event Details

Digital Marketing Trends

Ad:Tech brings a long list of guest speakers with preplanned content that is set to give you an edge over the affiliates who are giving this event a miss. Using feedback from previous events, Ad:Tech have improved the structure and scheduling of the presentations to ensure good time keeping and informative, content filled speeches.


Networking is a huge focus of Ad:Tech, allowing for agencies, publishers, tech innovators, affiliates and brands to meet in all sorts of ways. The event allows for contacts to be made through conferences, on the exhibition floor, through the mobile app or in afterparties.


Ad:Tech New Delhi has a truly massive marketplace with over 6,500 attendees travelling from 31 nations all found within a 19,000 square foot exhibition space surrounded by over 90 different exhibitors who are bringing you the latest in the digital world. These events are a crucial part of doing business, as its one of the few ways to meet new contacts and learn new business strategies.


Alok Agarwal - Strategic Products, GSK
Akash Deep Batra - Head Brand Communication, Nestle India
Sapna Chadha - Head of Marketing India, Google
Simran Dhindsa - Head of Media & Digital, Motorola
Matt Bruce - General Manager, Adobe
Hitesh Chawla - CEO, Silverpush


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