Ad:Tech - Shanghai

Ad:Tech - Shanghai
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Shanghai, CN
The Portman Ritz
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Ad:Tech Shanghai is a two-day conference and exhibition, bringing all fields of the marketing world together to share new ways of thinking, creating partnerships and to most importantly network. The theme of the 2021 event is to find the next big thing, that is going to revolutionise the way we advertise digitaly.

Event Details

Ad:Tech for Brands

Tomorrow's Tech Today - Find out what you need to do, to keep on top of the fast moving industry and be able to progress to the future before other brands.
Competitor Insight - Get an insight into how the brands at the top of the food chain are utilising the latest performance, advertising and marketing technologies.
What's working right now - Find out how improvements in performance marketing can increase the productivity and effectiveness of your current campaigns.
Network - Meet peers, along with the best brands, marketers, agencies, media owners and technology innovators through the scheduled 1-to-1 meetings and social events around the conferences.

Ad:Tech for Agencies

Tomorrow's Tech Today - Find out what you need to do, to keep on top of the fast moving industry and be able to progress to the future before other brands.
Meet Clients - Ad:Tech is one of the best places to meet and create networks with brands who are looking to increase their performance and fine-tune their technical strategies.
Lead The Debate - Give your own thoughts into the changing market and give your ideas to technical innovators to know what they should be working towards, all whilst an audience of brands listen in.
Brand Insight - Find out what the leaders from the biggest brands are looking into in the coming months and years.

Ad:Tech for Tech Providers

Meet Investors - With the amount of attendees to Ad:Tech, its no surprise at the amount of possible buyers, who are desperate to invest in new technology in the attempt to get ahead of the market.
Learn the Market - Find out what the leading brands are looking for and begin your planning of how you can meet these targets first.
Stand out - Ad:Tech gives you the opportunity to have 1-to-1 conversations with possible buyers and investors.

Ad:Tech for Publishers

Increase Inventory Value - Discover how to benefit from the demand for performance media and innovative advertising solutions.
Lead The Debate - Share your own insight on what works and does not work in terms of performance media, so that advertisers and media agancies can create better platforms.
Track Media Trends - Get the latest insight into how the top advertisers and media agencies are changing the way they invest into media, content and advertising technology.
Win More Clients - Ad:Tech has always been a create place to meet new brands and agencies, so do not miss out on the opportunity to meet your next big break.


Peter Petermann - Chief Strategic Officer for China, Mediacom
Mahmoud El Salahy - Director, The North Face
John Lawson - Commerce Futurist, ColderIce Media
Brent Li - International Communication Director, PR News Wire
Kyra Fu - BD Director, Meipai

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