AffiliateFest 2018

AffiliateFest 2018
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United Kingdom
Hilton Hotel Olympia
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AffiliateFest was established in 2015, with the intent to help support revenue growth through teaching iGaming affiliates the trick of the trade. The event takes place at the Hilton Elympia on Wednesday the 19th of September, running alongside the Betting on Sports conference. Although the event is only a day long, don't be discouraged as this conference has a lot to offer.

The training program will bring affiliates and operators together to help them to learn the latest digital trends from the industry experts. A great addition to this year's panel will be the investigation into regulatory updates within the industry, to ensure that everyone fully understands the best practice and compliance for the following year.

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Why Affiliates Should Attend

There are many reasons for affiliates to visit one of these events, the first would be to update your knowledge and to learn from the industry leaders and experts, because especially with the digital world - there are constant changes that are required to keep up with. No matter how good of a system you have, there is always room for improvement. Speakers will help you to understand the competitive landscape and where to look for opportunities, along with knowing the opportunities you cannot afford to miss. Events like these allow you to get hands on with the latest technologies and get yourself ahead of everyone else, ensure that you are using the best technology available as this could mean the difference between being successful or not.


Allan Turner - BGO
Diana Rotaru - Blockchip
Nick Nocton - Mischon
Sarafina Wolde - Income Access
Toby Oddy - Digital Fuel

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