India Affiliate Summit

India Affiliate Summit
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The India Affiliate Summit has been a top meeting point for the leaders in affiliate marketing, where key stakeholders and influencers host panels to discuss innovations and explore things we can do to continue this markets growth in the same incredible way as it has been. The event this year will be hosted exclusively online, but will still contain the same stellar service..

The virtual setup seeks to replicate a ‘marketplace’ which will have ‘streets and vendors’ whose main aim is to further opportunities through affiliate marketing. This innovative virtual environment is intended to encourage healthy competition and bring together the 3000+ delegates, 700+ companies and 50+ exhibitors at the Summit.

Event Details

Why Attend?

  • To Grow - Your network with brands along with other affiliates
  • To Establish - New partnerships and relationships within new Affiliate Networks
  • To Explore - Opportunities in a brand new marketing channel
  • To Increase - Your reach, especially in this new sector - by showcasing yourself to this affiliate industry
  • To Position - Have yourself associated as an industry leader
  • To Network - With fellow affiliates or with new brands
  • To Develop - Improve relationships within your network through face to face contact

    The Affiliate Street

    The Indian Affiliate Summit features a unique system, entitled the Affiliate Street. Allowing for attendees to walk down a street which is filled with expert advice from the gurus of affiliate marketing, seeing the latest products and services from up and coming companies and finally the collaboration opportunities of a lifetime. This idea was intended to replicate a marketplace of vendors and stalls offering their products, which resulted in a creative method for companies to sell themselves. The Affiliate Street offers a perfect environment for healthy competition, fighting for the attention of the passing affiliates in fun and interesting ways.


    Parul Bhargava - CEO, vCommission
    Craig Campbell - SEO Trainer & Consultant, Craig Campbell SEO
    LD Sharma - Managing Director, Optimse
    Robert Glazer - Founder & CEO, Acceleration Partners

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