Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress
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Barcelona, ES
Fira de Barcelona
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The Mobile industry is fast growing, will almost everyone having their very own hand held computers, therefor they need their very own affiliate conference. The congress is intended for all digitial marketing enthusiasts and not just the affiliate marketers. With companies such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo and Visa, its a conference that you do not want to miss.

Event Details

Event Themes

The prodominant theme of this year's event is "Intelligent Connectivity" forming 8 core themes which the content of the event will circulate around.

5G will create speed and flexibility to allow for a much better service and performance than we currently have, along with improved reliablity. Connectivity aims to highlight the requirements for 5G to become a reality, from how to implement, to business models, spectrum and regulation.

With the AI market projected to reach $70 billion by the year 2020, artificial intelligence is an industry that we need to get serious about. It's estimated to have transformative effects on consumers, enterprisese and goverments across the globe. The AI segment of the event will explore the potential of artificual intelligence as well as how we can manage such a profound technology advancement and finally how it will impact our personal and professional life.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 analyses the implementation and impact of the confluence of Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical systems, cloud and cognitive computing that constitues Industry 4.0.

Immersive Content
With the forever growing desire for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) along with other forms of immersive content, its only natural this is a topic covered during the Mobile World Congress. Immersive Content explores the challenges, the revenue models as well as the relationship between consumption growth and network capacity.

Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive Innovation is one of them things thats integrated into every aspect of the event as the speed of progress continues to accelerate. Companies must be vigilante as well as agile to quickly find and then implement against constant change.

Digital Wellness
Digital devices affect every element of our lives, whether its quickly finding information online, or contacting a friend through our hand held smartphones. As mobile phones have become progressively developed, it has led to relying to these devices more and more. There are rising concerns about the addictive nature of technology, as well as connections to mental health and sanity.

Digital Trust
Digital Trust explores the increasing resposibilites required to create the correct balance between consumers, governments and regulators. With the digital world being used by even the least technically minded people, its no surprise that more and more scams are being performed across the internet, therefor eroding the trust in the digital ecosystem. This, coupled with the introduction and interest in legislation around privary and the usage of data as we progress towards the AI era, we are at a pivotal time in the evolution of the internet.

The Future
The 8th and final subject of the event is the future, taking a look into predictions up to 10 years away, putting thoughts into the technology we are likely to see by 2028.


James Forese - President, Citi
Blythe Masters - CEO, Digitial Holdings
Rich Williams - CEO, Groupon
Mats Granryd - Director, GSMA
Cher Wang - Founder and CEO, HTC
Anjali Sud - CEO, Vimeo
Nick Read - CEO, Vodafone

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