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Network Media Services Release the Latest Version of their Affiliate Management Software

Network Media Services have announced a major release of their market leading affiliate management systems for the iGaming and Forex Trading industries. The new updated version introduces some impressive features and improvements to automatically manage affiliates, handle new marketing regulations and to easily integrate with advertising networks.

The system is a complete turnkey affiliate management solution, catered to the specific industry, with feature modules for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, automatic financial policy management, organising creative content and managing payment services.

Alex Winslow, Head of Client Services at Network Media Services, said "This is one of our biggest releases to date, it has been created in response to feedback from our long-term partners, as well as recent trends within the industries we serve and the latest trends within affiliate marketing."

Network Media Services have introduced the following new features in the latest version of their affiliate management software

Affiliate API

The API allows affiliates to retrieve statistics and tracking links externally in a universal format that can be understood by third party systems, meaning that affiliates can easily integrate reports into their own system. The API also allows operators to create their own custom affiliate or IB interface as part of their current back office.

Timed Commission Profiles

Affiliates can now be setup to automatically move to a new commission plan once their account reaches a defined age. This allows operators to easily manage commission based promotions for new affiliate registrations, increasing affiliate acquisition.

Affiliate Website Management

Operators can now require their affiliates to disclose the websites that they are using to promote their brands, allowing operators to verify and approve each website before they can be used. Any traffic originating from unapproved or undisclosed websites can be blocked automatically.

ID Document Management

The affiliate system contains a complete ID document module, allowing operators to require affiliates to provide any combination of proof of address, identification and company information documents. Operators can then verify and store these documents in order to approve each affiliate account.

Regarding the new features, Alex Winslow, Head of Client Services at Network Media Services said "By combining our Sub ID, Postback and API features, our clients are able to open up new traffic sources by effortlessly integrating with advertising networks. New regulation has been a challenge for both affiliates and operators, our new features allow for operators to verify the identity and websites for each of their marketing partners. We allow for simplified management of affiliates by automatically altering their commission plans once their account reaches a defined age, as well as organising affiliate into custom groups for reporting."

About Network Media Services

Network Media Services supply turnkey affiliate tracking and management software to the iGaming and Forex trading industries. The software is both multi-language, multi-currency and fully responsive across all devices and platforms and is able to cater for small brand operators, large white label suppliers and affiliate networks with unique multi-brand configuration options.

Network Media Service’s powerful solution contains all of the required features and functions to manage a successful affiliate program straight away. Including features for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, organising creative content and managing payments.

The solution is scalable from a small start-up company to a large operation, processing multi-million financial and data transactions every day. Our content delivery network can easily track and process millions of requests every minute and our systems are delivered with full failsafe redundancy and backup for complete piece of mind.

Designed and developed by industry super affiliates, experienced system operators, advertising network specialists and award winning software system designers, our affiliate management platforms provide the new generation of affiliate business operators with a powerful feature rich business platform considered by many as the industry leading affiliate tracking and management platform.

Across our product portfolio we work in partnership with some of the worlds most respected organisations and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a free demonstration of our platforms, please feel free to contact us.

For more information:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1206 233 308

Apple to Offer Casino Apps in South Korea

Operators will soon be able to focus on building and launching casino apps targeting South Koreans, after Apple announced they will soon be allowing for such apps to be available in the country.

Apple sent an email out to a number of application developers, stating that they have been working alongside the local government to make casino applications downloadable in South Korea. The apps will be required to meet certain criteria and will only be available to users over the age of 18.

The email explained that – “In an effort to open up additional opportunities for developers, we’ve worked with the government of the Republic of Korea on making more apps available on the App Store in the Republic of Korea. If your app meets at least one of the criteria below, you’ll be able to offer it on the App Store in the Republic of Korea to users 19 years of age or older.”

Additionally, Apple have rolled out some changes across the globe, forcing apps featuring “frequent/intense simulated gambling” to be rated 17+ on the app store
. Obviously, direct gambling applications will remain an 18, but apps that simulate the action will also have a certain age restriction.

Germany Restricts Online Gambling Payment Methods

As of October 21st, the online gamblers of Germany will have to find a new way to deposit their funds, after it was announced that PayPal will no longer be an available option.

In June of this year, the local government announced that they had issued a warning to an “unidentified international payment processor”, telling them to suspend their relationship with German targeting online casinos. They were found to be allowing German players to deposit funds into casinos that were not locally regulated.

This week, PayPal released a new version of their German market Terms of Service. They had included a new prohibited activity, stating that “offers that are not legal in your respective whereabouts, including some online gambling offers.” Due to this development, it’s suspected that
the unidentified payment processor was PayPal.

Currently there is only one German state which has licensed casinos, Schelswig-Holstein. The local regulatory body has announced that any new or renewing licensees will be required to agree to not market their services outside of the state.

Additionally, there have been some new restrictions that operators found out after an information session in Hesse. Some of the new gambling rules include a ban on non-sports products, a ban on in-play wagering and a 5% tax on betting turnover. The one that stung the most was a monthly spending cap of €1,000 per customer, which needs to be strictly enforced.

Football Index in the Crosshairs of ASA

Football Index, a company who allow for their players to buy and sell stocks in Football stars - have been receiving some unwanted attention after their new Facebook advert. The Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) has ruled the advertisement as inappropriate, due to them featuring football players under the age of 25.

The advert that was originally shown in May had a number of footballers that are under the age of 25 featuring, such as Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford. It’s stated in the ASA’s code, that any celebrity or actor shown in gambling adverts must be over the age of 25. The advert also featured text that read “Jadon Sancho is now the football stockmarket’s third most valuable player, with many traders seeing handsome profits” and “Sancho the Big Mover.” This further drew attention to these young players.

Football Index responded to the complaints and stated that no players under the age of 25 will be used in any of the future advertising campaigns. However they added that they
“considered that the use of the images of Jadon Sancho, Raheem Sterling, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Kylian Mbappe and Marcus Rashford did not constitute them playing a significant role and that the images represented a roster of players and were used solely to illustrate the functional features of the platform and what consumers would see if using the app”.

Regardless of their defensive stance, they have agreed to remove the advert and will be providing training to all relevant segments of their team to ensure future offenses are not made.

The Advertising Standard Agency said – “We understood the intention of the ad was to illustrate the nature of the gambling app and how it could be played. However, we considered that of equal measure was its aim to offer the audience an opportunity to use the app for the purposes of gambling. In that context, while the significance of the players under 25 was no greater than the other players featured, we considered that all listed footballers were the focus of the post, and that each of them played an equally significant role. In light of the above, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible and therefore breached the Code.”

UK to Force UK Operators to Rethink eSports Advertising Strategies

eSports is an industry that has been flourishing for a number of years, with player competition for millions of dollars all year round. It’s no surprise that there are a number of people around the world who are looking to add to their spectating experience and gamble on the outcome of matches and events.

A new report from the Department of Management at the University of Bristol entitled “Biddable Youth” explores the industries shortcomings when it comes to underage gambling exposure. Due to the nature of these video games being vastly popular with young people, there is a need to implement some additional age verification measures to help combat the issue.

Social media pages play a big role in promoting eSports events and betting odds across the internet and into the hands of young users. Additionally, it was found that 74% of eSports betting tweets were not in line with the UK’s advertising regulations, including misleading text and imagery, as well as featuring actors under the age of 25. The report found that around 50% of all users to interact with these tweets, are under the age of 16

Josh Smith, the co-author of the report addresses his findings by saying – “This report explores a vital new field of gambling online, which encourages people to bet on the outcome of video games. We found that high volumes of messages are produced to appeal particularly to children, with thousands of children in the UK following and responding to this content. We hope this report serves as a call to action – both to technology companies to make it easier for gambling customers to get a clear picture of what they’re getting into, and to regulators who must continue to ensure that these new actors are compliant with regulation.”

Cambodia To Ban Online Gambling

The governing body of Cambodia are planning to halt all local online gambling operators, with the intention to preserve public order. Early last week, the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, issued a notice from the government stating that they “will stop the issuance of online gambling policy and licenses, both within and outside the Kingdom of Cambodia” effective immediately. The operators who still have a valid licence can continue until they expire, as they will not be renewed.

The change was justified by the government by claiming “foreign criminals have taken refuge in the form of this gambling to cheat and extort money from victims, domestic and abroad, which affect the security, public order and social order.” They followed this by saying that all levels of government, including the police “must take strict measures to implement this directive effectively.”

Lt. General Chhay Kim Khoeun, Police Spokesman stated that the authorities “have already been cracking down on illegal gambling operations and have already arrested hundreds of people.” He explained that, the police in Sihanoukville arrested 127 Chinese nationals, who were accused of running an illegal online gambling ring last week

This decision seems abrupt, as last week the only action taken on the matter was Cambodia’s Interior Ministry warning local gamblers who access internally licensed sites could fall victim to phishing schemes and theft of data. It seems this decision was quickly overruled by implementing a much stricter approach.

Unibet Fined €470,000 by Dutch Gambling Regulator

Popular online gambling operator Kindred Group, has been hit with a fine of €470,000 after they were found guilty of serving Dutch gamblers without a local license. The online casino brand, Unibet was announced to be receiving the six-figure penalty by the Netherland’s regulatory body, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA).

The KSA claimed that the illegal activity took place between August and December of last year, when Unibet was offering a chat service that supported Dutch, processed a number of player transactions through the popular Dutch payment processor iDeal and failed to include the Netherlands as a forbidden country in their terms and conditions.

The regulation team have repeatedly warned operators, especially after issuing a €350,000 fine to GVC Holdings’ Bwin last month, for a similar offense. Much like GVC, Kindred plan to appeal the KSA’s ruling and will attempt to apply for an online gambling license. It’s said that the new Dutch gambling market is expected to launch in January 2021, giving plenty of time for them to review the applicants. They have recently announced that they have already received interest from around 200 operators and plan to begin the reviewing process in July 2020

This is the second large fine that the Kindred Group has received recently, after they were fined £1.6 million by the UK Gambling Commission after they allowed a customer to gamble with stolen funds in Unibet.

New Mexico Casinos Offering College Match Sports Betting

The movement towards sports betting in the US has shown us a number of different approaches, with each state having a different process and rule set to what operators are allowed to offer. One common trend between the states is that sports betting is restricted to professional sport, with a ban on wagering on collegiate events.

However, a New Mexico casino going by the name of Isleta Resort & Casino has decided to accept bets on both football and basketball college games. The only condition to this, is that they must involve in-state teams from the University of New Mexico and the New Mexico State University.

Harold Baugus, The CEO of Isleta Resort & Casino said - “There is a huge Lobo and Aggie following in this market. We feel there is enough training and measures in place that taking bets on UNM and NMSU games won’t be a problem.”

The University of New Mexico’s Athletic Director, Eddie Nuñez commented
- “We already communicate with our donors and student-athletes all the time about the NCAA rules and regulations regarding sports betting and will continue to do so, but now, the fact is we’re going to have to do more.”

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