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SiGMA iGaming Event Breaks Attendance Record

SiGMA iGaming Malta 2018 has broken a record, with a reported 12,500 attendees to their event hosted through November 28th to 30th.

The event was started with an Awards evening, rewarding the industry leaders for their contribution to the development and growth of the industry. Once the awards were out of the way on the first day, the remaining days presented a wide range of topics discussed by their guest speakers and panels, along with the six conferences and workshops. One of the main topics of discussion were directed towards the regulatory changes seen in the iGaming industry
in the past few months, attendees were able to listen in or join the debate on some of the pressing issues circulating the changes.

SiGMA, as always - provided a great opportunity to network for all their attendees, whether it was business to business, or affiliates meeting peers or getting in contact with operators. Then on the final day the event provided a closing night dinner with drinks, allowing for everyone to network in a relaxed environment.

Affiliate Events are a great way to network and progress your career to the next level, not to mention they act as a nice break with a little bit of travelling. You can see our full list of upcoming events on our Affiliate Events page.

High Revenue Share & New Casino Deposit Bonus

Promoting a casino that has great deposit bonuses makes it a lot easier for you, as an affiliate to earn commission. All you can do is send the traffic, if the casino doesn't encourage deposits it's hard for you to be awarded for your work.

Fruity Casa has recently added a new deposit bonus for their new players, for their UK players up to a 100 deposit will be matched 100% and they will be awarded 20 Bonus Spins on Fruit Shop. For all the players outside of the UK, they will benefit from a similar offer, a 100% match of up to 100 deposited along with 10 spins on Fruit Shop.
Promoting a casino that has enticing deposit bonuses increases the chances of the players generating commission.

Fruity Casa is promoted by Fruity Affiliates which is run on a great affiliate solution, offering up to 40% Revenue Share. You can read our full review on this platform here.

Join Fruity Affiliates today -

Sky CEO calls for Stronger Online Regulation after TV Gambling Ad Ban

In the recent weeks, there has been development in the banning of gambling advertisements on television. A vast majority of adverts circling sporting events are betting and gambling related, but this is set to change in an attempt to reduce exposure to younger audiences.

However the Sky CEO has spoken out, commenting on the need for stronger regulation online. It's quoted that just 15% of gambling operators marketing budget is used on TV promotion, with up to 80% being used for online marketing campaigns. Sky has warned that the 15% will now be redirected into the online marketing budget - resulting in an even bigger campaign through social media and the rest of the internet where adverts are less regulated

Van Rooyan, Sky sad that if companies were "serious about protecting vulnerable gamblers" they need to focus their efforts towards regulating online marketing which "has the least level of regulation and where there is the most evidence of harm."

A spokesperson for the UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) denied van Rooyan's claims that online ads are less regulated, by ensuring that digital ads are "subject to the same strict regulations as broadcast advertising."

Instagram's New Promotional & Shopping Features

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms for promoting products, dominated by influencer marketing and sponsored content.

Since things change so quickly in the world of digital marketing, it's important to keep on track with everything that's going on - along with getting yourself involved with as many trends as possible.
Instagram has rolled out three major updates to help consumers on their application. As an affiliate, you might want to consider these new features in your campaigns, as they are quickly proving successful.

Shopping Collection
The first new feature allows for consumers to save products to their "shopping collection", this useful feature will help increase conversions from social media campaigns. Even if a consumer doesn't buy right away, they will bookmark the link allowing for a future sale.

Shop Business Products
Instagram made it easier to shop for a business' products, if an affiliate tags the business page on Instagram - it allows for the consumer to view all products the business has to offer.

Shop via Video
Finally, probably the biggest change is allowing users to shop through videos uploaded to Instagram. By tapping the shopping icon on a video, all products with relating links will pop up allowing the user to either buy or follow the links to the landing page. Video promotion allows for a more in-depth advertisement, along with encouraging impressions.

AffConnect's High Affiliate Commission

If you are looking for an Affiliate Program with high commission, look no further.

AffConnect is an affiliate program promoting a number of different casinos, with new ones being constantly added. The best thing about there being numerous casinos is the chance to trial different casinos to see what works best with your website. Along with a great selection of top rated casinos, the platform awards their affiliates with high commission rates

Revenue Share
Revenue Share is probably the type you are most familiar with, awarding affiliates a percentage of all revenue. The starting percentage is a solid 20%, awarding you a fifth of any revenue you generate for the casino, however AffConnect offers commission tiers to further award their loyal and successful affiliates. This offers all their affiliates the chance to progress up to 40% Rev-Share which continues for life.

Sub Affiliate
Being an Affiliate is often referred to as earning money whilst you sleep, with Sub Affiliate commission you can rely on other affiliates creating revenue for you. In the AffConnect platform, 15% commission is earned on all revenue generated by your referred affiliates. The benefits don't stop there, the system has 5 levels of Sub Affiliates - meaning that even if the people you refer, refer affiliates you will earn commission for those as well.

Sign up for AffConnect, experiment with the different brands to see what works best for you and earn commission taking advantage of their high commission plans!

Join AffConnect at - or read our AffConnect Affiliate Program Review.

AskGamblers & SlotsFighter Partnership - Twitch

AskGamblers have teamed up with a gambling twitch streamer, under the name of SlotsFighter two players will go head to head to see who can win the most money.

The two affiliates will use their casino of choice, whilst playing the same slot - will battle off to see which casino has the best payback.
The twitch channel is called SlotsFighter and they have already had success with their viewers not only watching the stream, but using the referral links in the channels description to give the casinos a go for themselves.

In the past we have seen affiliates utilise YouTube, posting gameplay of big wins occurring in the hopes to entice players. However, from a consumer perspective they understand that the videos they see are more than likely highlights from hours of playtime. The great thing about Twitch streaming is the fact views can watch live and see the casino games in action in real time.

How does it work?
Both players will start with 1,000 Euros, with the head to head ending after a best of 5. Each round lasts for 10 minutes and during that time, players can bet as they wish along with switching games to whatever they desire. The round winner is decided by whoever gets the biggest win inside of 10 minutes.

This new format of promoting casinos could change the affiliate marketing world forever, as it provides a transparency - along with a brand new entertainment value in the advertising strategy.

Affiliate World Asia - Affiliate Event

Affiliate World Asia is scheduled to take place in just a couple of days. As a new or old affiliate trying to expand, it's a good idea to try and attend some of these events. This one in particular will be taking place in Thailand on the 5th of December until the 7th of December.

The events not only give a great excuse to get out of the country, or visit somewhere new - they can benefit your career more than you think.
The entire event is based around allowing affiliates and businesses to get together and network, giving you a chance to strike a commission deal with a new affiliate program.

The event has over 3000 confirmed attendees, with panels, guest speakers and full exhibition market. During the evening, if you're not quite ready to finish for the night - there are multiple after hours activities you can get involved in.

We have more information on the full article under the Affiliate Events section.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming the biggest ways to make money online, being accessible to all users of the internet. Often branded as a way to make money whilst you sleep, this form of marketing can act as a second job that's constantly earning - providing you do it right.

With the entire world being connected in one place, the internet has completely taken over almost every industry including shopping, gambling and even foreign exchange with companies such as Amazon climbing to the top of the food chain. It's no surprise that companies are moving away from regular advertisement and turning to paying people to promote their websites in as many corners of the internet as possible.

Affiliate Marketing comes with a great deal of freedom for affiliates, which are able to promote in various ways - whether its through a banner on a related or unrelated website, a hyperlink on a review page or even posting links on social media to family, friends or your audience.

Where to Promote
There are a few things to consider as a new affiliate, firstly is where you are promoting. It's important to have multiple places to send traffic from, these can both have similar content but ensuring that you have multiple sites to place your banners adds a level of financial security in the event a your audience dries up.

Website Compatibility
In the last few years, mobile phones have gone from sending simple text messages to a platform you can search the internet for anything, with each generation moving further away from computers and more towards the sole use of their phones. As an affiliate, something you cannot afford to overlook is your mobile friendly views, in-cooperating elements such as scaling content and using buttons rather than small hyperlinks that can often get missed or are simply hard to click on a small screen. Opening your website to be mobile friendly opens your site to a wider audience, generating more traffic and clicks, resulting in more revenue in your pocket.

Trends and Seasons
It's important to be aware of the current trends and seasons going on in the world, to stay ahead of them and rework your content to be themed towards the type of traffic visiting at certain times of year. For example, if you are promoting a brand new gadget that's an all year around product - changing up your content to have a Christmas theme might encourage people to associate the gadget you are promoting as a Christmas present.

The path to being a successful affiliate marketer isn't an easy one, with how fast the internet changes it can be a task to keep up to date with everything you can be doing, but the tips mentioned will give a helping hand. Being an affiliate is a lot of work, but as a job you can maintain of an evening that can generate you money throughout the night is a great attraction to everyone.

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