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eBay Shut Down Commerce Network

Published 13.04.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

eBay continues to restructure their business plan, with recent cutbacks on their marketing efforts across the internet. It was announced that on May 1st, they will be shutting down their eBay Commerce Network – a network where merchants advertise products that match the content people search for, directing sales on third-party sites. eBay stated that they are looking to put more attention and resources into their other marketing strategies such as Affiliate Marketing and advertising on eBay itself.

Going forward, merchants who wish to have their products advertised through eBay will need to have the products directly selling on the site, rather than redirecting customers elsewhere. The company added in an interview that refunds will be made to all merchants who had any remaining balance in their accounts starting from the middle of May.

Although it’s claimed they are going to be putting a new focus on their affiliate marketing efforts, it comes as a surprise after
their commission cuts back in January of this year. It was said that up to a 70% cut back on certain affiliate’s commission was made, with reductions made across the board for both their successful and unsuccessful affiliates.

€450k fine issued to by Dutch Regulator

Published 11.04.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Dutch Gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has once again issued a six-figure fine to an operator who is serving local players without having a license. It was announced early in the week that the regulatory body will be penalising Onisac Ltd with a financial penalty of €450,000. Onisac Ltd is the operator responsible for the gambling site,

KSA released the breakdown of the fine, to allow other operators to understand exactly what to avoid in the future. €200k was imposed due to the fact the casino was offering online gambling without local permission, which was the lack of a license. An additional €200k was added onto the fine, as a result of Onisac's previous offenses - addressed in 2013, when KSA originally fined the operator

The final €50k was after it was found that the site was charging its customers “unreasonable administration costs”, including a monthly 5% admission fee if a customer account was inactive for 180 days. These charges ranged between €15 & €500 and would continue until the customer’s account funds had been completely drained.

A few operators have shown interest in obtaining a Dutch gambling license, but the government isn’t looking to issue any until mid-2020. Operators who have violated the rules previously, will more than likely have to wait an additional 2 years – for their refusal to abide by the KSA’s rules.

Swedish Operator Stops All Online Advertising

Published 10.04.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Chief Executive of Svenska Spel, the Swedish gambling operator has released a statement confirming that all of their advertising efforts for their online brands have been stopped.

Patrik Hofbauer, enclosed that after “intensive internal discussions” it was decided that they will “stop online casino advertising across all media channels”. The intent of the decision was to assist the Swedish Public Health Authority in their efforts to help individuals with problem gambling. Recent statistics reported that “30% of online casino players detail problems managing their online gambling habits” along with “over 60% of people interviewed indicate that online casino is their main source of problem” in their everyday life

Hofbauer notes that they are expecting a backlash from stakeholders who have objections to the new ban, considering the overall records from the Swedish Public Health report show that there has been a decline in the amount of individuals with problem gambling in the last three years. Adding that although the figure is down, constant advertisements will encourage these past victims to rekindle their addition.

The statement ended with the following powerful words: “If you are serious about taking responsibility, then you should address the problems where the problems exist, even if it strikes the revenue in the short term. In the long term, this is the only sustainable one. It is also only when we can improve the industry’s reputation.”

New UK Gambling Advertising Rules

Published 08.04.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Gambling Advertisements have been a hot topic for the past few months, with many regulators taking action on not only the placement, but the content of such advertisements. The ASA (Advertising Standard Agency) has released a new set of rules to build on what is already in place in the UK.

Plans are in place to “list unacceptable types of content” in an attempt to protect minors and vulnerable recipients. According to the ASA, this list contains a number of characters from animated films along with celebrities and sports persons, who correlate with these audiences

The CEO of ASA said – “Gambling-like games or games that feature elements of simulated gambling activity are often popular with children and young people. Such games should not be used to promote real money gambling products…”

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