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West Virginia Legalises Online Gambling

Published 31.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

West Virginia has officially become the fifth and most recent US State to legalise the use of online gambling after Jim Justice signed the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act (HB 2934). The Act was previously approved by the state’s legislative chambers in early March before proceeding to Justice’s desk.

To keep everyone on the edge of their seats, Jim Justice waited until the very last possible day to sign the legislation – with concerns raising that he would follow the lead of former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder who issued a last minute veto in mid-December. There were an unfortunate 27 proposed bills that ended up being vetoed by Justice, however the online gambling bill managed to make the cut. The bill allows for five land-based gambling licensees to offer online poker and casino products to all state residents

The five states that have approved legal online gambling have also waved on digital sports betting – however West Virginias sports betting operation came to an abrupt suspension over an unresolved issue with Delaware North’s online technology partner Miomni Gambling and their third-party vendor Entergaming.

New Irish Regulatory Body

Published 29.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Ireland’s Gambling market will be getting a regulatory body to protect consumers, however this is not expected until late 2020. The announcement came after the Irish government voted in favour of creating a new gambling authority to tailor the regulation for the country.

It has been suggested that the regulatory body will be there to monitor gambling marketing, maintaining sports integrity and banning all betting inducements such as giving customers free credit to encourage them to start gambling. A term that has been debated is whether to impose daily, weekly and monthly gambling spending limits across the country to reduce the damage of addiction.

Unfortunately, this new regulation is far on the horizon – reported as taking as long as 18 months to form
. The Minister of State, David Stanton said that the aim is that the regulator will be self-financed through fees paid by companies authorized to operate gambling activity in the country.

Licensed gambling operators will be required to support a new “social fund” where donations will be made into the research of societal effects of gambling, with the future intent of offering treatment to problem gamblers.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Moving Forward

Published 28.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

In the past few weeks, we have seen developing interest in sports betting from the New England region of the United States. After seeing Rhodes Island allowing Sports Betting, there is a strong possibility New Hampshire will soon follow in the footsteps of their neighbour. A bill that would authorize regulated sports gambling is working its way through the system quickly, with an expectation to be accepted in a matter of weeks.

The House Bill 480 (HB 480) has already received major support in the New Hampshire House, with a vote resulting in approval, after 269 were in favor with just 82 against. The next step is waiting on the Senate to agree and pass on to the Governor Chris Sununu to sign on the dotted line. It’s predicted that were will be very little resistance as the Governor has already said that he would most likely support any movement towards Sports Gambling legislation with the intent to improve
the state’s economy.

In the event HB 480 is passed, retail would allow for towns to develop sportsbooks at existing commercial locations with a maximum of 10 venues appearing across the state. There is a small restriction that seems to be supported by the majority of the population, bets are allowed to be placed on professional and college games, but wagers on local teams are off limits. Much like in Rhodes Island, Mobile Betting is expected to be a large portion of the revenue brought in by legalised sports betting, despite arguments that the ease of access will lead to greater addiction.

Denmark to Introduce New Code of Conduct

Published 25.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Danish gambling regulation body, Spillemyndigheden has released a new Code of Conduct that is set to come into action on the 1st of July, 2019. The new set of rules is being put in place with the intent of improving consumer protection and to prevent compulsive and addictive gambling.

A statement published by the Danish regulator said: ”With the Agreement on new initiatives against compulsive gambling and adjustments to the gambling agreement of June 28, 2018, it was decided that the gambling industry were to discuss a code of conduct to increase consumer protection and contribute to preventing gambling as entertainment developing into compulsive gambling…”

One of the clauses states that there will be new limitations on the design and use of gambling advertisements, with a focus on pop-ups with information of time and money spent on gambling in an effort to deter players.

DOGA, the trade association for online gambling of Denmark added that, the Code of Conduct is the bare minimum and that
operators should look to go further than the code advises. Before going on to say: “The gaming industry will therefore work to conclude an agreement with the TV stations that must ensure that the number of game advertising is diminished…”

The new regulations outline some common ground with other regulators, enforcing that advertisements cannot insinuate that gambling is a solution to financial problems or show gambling as a fun way to make money. All gambling advertisements will need to clearly show the responsible gambling message to remind players to keep a record of how much they are spending.

The gambling websites themselves must have age restrictions along with, once again responsible gambling information made accessible to players. At routine intervals, a pop-up must notify players how long they have been playing along with how much money has been spent in that window. Players must confirm they have seen this message before they are able to continue gambling.

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