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Irish Minister Stands by Online Lottery

Published 11.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The constant growth of the gambling industry is always the top of the agenda for politicians all over the world. Most recently, in Ireland – the introduction of online lottery seems to be the biggest issue on the horizon. The concern is that this new method of picking lottery numbers will harm the national lottery.

After the question being raised in parliament, the Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohoe said “there’s no evidence of a significant impact on the national lottery arising from online lottery betting at present…” He went on to explain that contributions from the national lottery to good causes have “not yet been affected by other developments” suggesting
forms of online lottery and other gambling sources.

Elisa Field, the chairperson of the European Lotto Betting Association or eLBA added “As we have said for some time, the evidence clearly shows that lottery betting does not impact the national lottery; we are pleased the Minister has recognised this…”

The eLBA was created to support lottery betting operations and has working relationships with companies such as myLotto24, Multilotto and LottoLand. The organisation and their supports are looking to work with regulators to educate the benefits of lottery gambling.

Affiliate Marketing platform Tradedoubler to use Blockchain

Published 10.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Publishers who promote products and generate sales and revenue for advertisers are often suspicious that they are not being fully compensated for their contribution. On the other side of the spectrum, advertisers are sometimes concerned about the source of the traffic coming through their sites. The current set up of affiliate marketing is, companies provide tracking links to publishers and will store the data in internal systems with a lot of the information being kept from affiliates.

This could be changed forever on the 20th of March, when Tradedoubler begins to use blockchain to store their data. The company says that “transactional data will be accessible and fully transparent to eliminate fraud and enable the development of new functionalities around payments, reporting and attribution.”

There is often a concern that advertisers detag affiliates, to avoid having to award commission - but with the use of blockchain, these small changes with a large impact simply cannot be made
. Transparency and security in data has become a huge deal in the recent months on the internet, especially when it comes to owed revenue.

The launch will introduce a new Publisher API which will allow for all their publishers to integrate with the internal systems and pull information on their referrals and use the system to reassure that they are being properly credited for the sales they generate. This huge development is sure to spread across the market and affiliates will soon be able to transparently view more information on their traffic.

In the next few months we will see if Tradedoubler are truly looking to provide a futuristic and groundbreaking platform or if they are simply using blockchain as a buzzword without offering anything new.

UK - Digital Advertising Spend to Reach £15 Billion

Published 09.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

According to Barclays Corporate Banking, digital advertising spend in the UK is set to reach as much as £15 billion, due to the advertising industry moving towards the less traditional media outlet. This figure comes from research into the success rate of different advertising campaigns, with the rise of social media and the general ease of seeing advertisements, with a sale just a click away.

However, Britain’s exit from the EU is just around the corner and the impact of the event is an ongoing concern with digital marketing in particular.

The CEO of Inskin Media, Hugo Drayton said "The current reality is that, in the first quarter of 2019, overall spend has flat-lined (or possibly declined); it is likely that further Brexit-related uncertainty, or a no-deal scenario, would prolong the flat – or even declining - market, while digital advertising will continue to
grow, albeit at a much-reduced velocity compared to recent years."

The UK’s recent growth in digital advertising spending, this is not abnormal – the US is experiencing a similar trend as reported by eMarketer that digital marketing ad spending will surpass traditional ad spending by as much as $20 billion, with the total ad spend to reach up to $130 billion in 2019.

According to the above prediction, digital marketing now accounts for 54% of all US ad spending, with mobile advertising making up more than two-thirds of this figure, with a surprising $87 billion.

German Telecom Regulators Shutdown Online Casino Advertising

Published 07.03.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The German broadcasting regulators released a strong statement outlining that online casino advertising has no place on German airwaves. On the 6th of March, the German Media reported that the telecom regulatory bodies had sent letters to hundreds of private TV and radio stations reminding them to not run casino ads as they are “not allowed under current legislation”.

The letter, dated from late February, appears to have achieved its goal, with the number of online casino ads “significantly decreased” in the recent weeks, as told by the Deputy Director and legal adviser at the Media Authority of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein. The few advertisements following this letter of warning will likely be stamped out after “administrative means” have been applied

These letters were issued after the recent expiration of the online casino licenses. The decision was made that licenses that were issued back in 2012, would be the last of their kind – with the final regulated casinos having their licenses expiring in the coming months.

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