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Louisiana Sports Betting has Launched

Published 06.10.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

The act of sports betting has finally been legally launched in Louisiana, however many gamblers were frustrated that they missed the start of the new NFL season. Paragon Casino in Marksville will begin accepting wagers later today, Wednesday October 6th. The original plan was for the market to go live prior to the new season, however a handful of issues caused delays including some last minute changes to the Louisiana Gaming Control Board as well as hurricane Ida.

In addition to in-person sports betting going live, the Louisiana Lottery is expect ed to launch both online and mobile sports wagering, however this
will only be available in the 55 parishes that voted in favour of this.

The chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi tribe, Marshall Pierite said: “As a native Louisianan and Chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana, I am thrilled to help usher in sports betting to our state.”

A number of sports events will be eligible for betting, including sports on the professional, Olympic and collegiate levels. However, the bill made it clear that high school sports and competitive video game matches are completely off-limits. Although the high school matches being off limits, it is surprising that the state are against eSports considering the nature of this growing market.

GamCare Calls for More Gambling Support for University Students

Published 06.10.2021  Author: Stephen  Category: News

British gambling harm awareness charity, GamCare have issued a call for more support to be provided to university students in an attempt to help educate them about the risks associated with gambling.

GamCare referred to a study from the British Gambling Commission which found that young people are most vulnerable when it comes to experiencing gambling harm "after achieving independence from parents". Almost one quarter of student gamblers are at some degree of risk from gambling.

GamCare make many efforts in an attempt to raise awareness of gambling harm involving students, including their
website, BigDeal, that offers support and information about gambling for young people.

Alexa Roseblade, GamCare senior programme manager said: "During this time of transition many young people are entering environments where gambling can be the norm – but there’s a lack of knowledge on how to recognise gambling harm or know where to turn to for support."

"There are many key drivers that contribute to this issue amongst students – having more time, personal independence and financial freedom with easy access to overdrafts and loans can encourage increased gambling behaviours."

Influencers on Instagram Hide #ad Hashtag against ASA Rules

Published 05.10.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

The affiliate network Awin released the results of their latest study, which found that around 76% of influencers on Instagram are hiding advertising disclosures in their promotional posts. According to the Advertising Standard Association, it is required for influencers to disclose when they have been paid to make a post or publish content, these posts must include one of the following hashtags: #ad, #advertisement, #sponsored, #affiliate or #gifted.

The Awin study analysed over 20 million posts on Instagram, which include these hashtags and decided whether or not the hashtag was visible in the original post, or whether the user would need to expand the amount of text visible before they can see it. Across all of the posts checked, 76% of these posts had hidden one of the key hashtags from view.

It was found that 59% if creators
put the disclosing hashtag midway through the post or caption, 24% included it right at the end and 12% entered the hashtag in the comment section. They found that only 5% of these posts, included the hashtag at the beginning of the post.

Interesting, as well as hiding whether a post is sponsored or not, many influencers were found to hide the brand name that they are promoting - whether this is a contractual oversight from the brands’ perspective or confidence that showing the product is enough to generate sales.

In the rules established by the Advertising Standards Association (ASA), it is stated that advertising hashtags “must be prominent enough that consumers will easily notice it” and that “burying a label in list of hashtags or placing it under the fold where consumers would need to click ‘see more’ won’t be sufficient”

We will have to see over the coming months whether or not the ASA will take any action based on the findings in this report and if it will be the brand or the influencer who will be held accountable.

Sports Betting Legislation in Massachusetts is Not a Priority

Published 05.10.2021  Author: Stephen  Category: News

Thirty of the US states have already legalised some form of sports wagering, however, Massachusetts looks unlikely to legalise sports betting any time soon. Some senators say that although the house has approved a sports betting bill, it isn’t a priority for the state senate.

Senate President Karen Spilka told the State House News Service that the chamber won’t consider sports betting this year unless it determines that it has the "bandwidth" to do so.

Governor. Charlie Baker said in a Tweet in September:
"We filed a bill in 2019 and again this year to legalize sports betting in MA – it’s time to act and get this done. MA is losing out to many of our neighbours on this one."

All those in favour of sports wagering are eager for legalisation, to prevent Massachusetts from losing money across its board. Neighbouring states such as Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York have all legalised sports wagering in some form.

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