Database Marketing

Email/Newsletter marketing is the method of promoting products or services to a group/database of people using electronic mail (email). In reality we can say that any email sent from a business to a customer is a form of Email Marketing.

According to a recent study by the Radicati Group, there are around 1.9 billion email users worldwide, with a projected increase to 2.4 billion by 2014. Recent growth within the Smart Phone industry means that email users will now receive their email on the go, creating another perfect opportunity to spread news and promotions on demand.

As such, it is vitally important to create a communication channel with your customers, website visitors or newsletter subscribers and having the ability to collect and store your customer and potential customers personal information is a must.

Create regular newsletters and deliver them to your database with information about your products and services, send special offers to your existing customers to generate sales from existing customers. They have already trusted you and your business once so you have their attention and can be become repeat customers if you are expanding your product or service lines.

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