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France – Online Gambling Revenue up 35%

Published 14.06.2021  Author: J.Dale  Category: News

The Autorité Nationale des Jeux, the French gambling regulator have recently reported that they saw a major revenue increase when comparing the first quarter of 2021 with last year.

It was announced that compared to the previous year, there was a 19.1% increase in total active players, which aided in the 35% increase in revenue, bringing the total to €587 million.

Following COVID-19, which dampened revenue for many industries, the sports betting scene saw a massive year-on-year rise with total wagers being up almost
79% to €2.18 billion. It is expected that this trend with sports betting will continue with the Euros as well as Olympics just around the corner.

Along with sports betting, France saw an increase in the revenue and player numbers for poker. There was a 9% climb in active players, generating €120 million in revenue, which was 23% higher than 2020.

EGBA Monitors Advertising During Euros

Published 11.06.2021  Author: J.Dale  Category: News

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has outsourced a team to monitor members’ advertising campaigns to ensure that their strict code of conduct is not breached during the Euros 2021.

Since the EGBA published their code of conduct in April 2020, they have spent a great deal of time trying to enforce a universal code across all of Europe.

Throughout this years' Euros, ads on social media as well as other digital platforms will be monitored in
four countries, Greece, Ireland, Romania and Sweden.

Maarten Haijer, EGBA’s Secretary General said: ‘EGBA members are committed to advertising in a socially responsible way, even more so during prominent events like the EURO 2020 football championships. We hope gambling authorities around Europe will acknowledge the efforts made by EGBA members to raise the bar in responsible advertising standards.’

Publisher Discovery launches new Google Chrome extension

Published 10.06.2021  Author: J.Dale  Category: News

Renowned developer of AI and machine learning, Publisher Discovery, has recently announced a new Google Chrome browser extension. This new release offers valuable insights for affiliate managers.

The extension allows for visitors to instantly spot affiliates by receiving a notification, displaying the number of affiliate programs the website owner is promoting. Once on an affiliate site, visitors will be able to
look into which affiliate programs are being promoted, their traffic score and the keywords that are in use.

As an affiliate manager, if you find an affiliate you like – you can save them and review them later. Finally, if you want to get in contact with the affiliate, the extension will also store some general contact information to make affiliate to affiliate manager relations much easier.

Important Tips for Creating a Affiliate Site in the Gambling Niche

Published 08.06.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

Whether you are just starting out as an affiliate in the gambling niche or if you are simply looking for a few tips to give a boost to your existing site, you’re at the right place.

The most important thing you need to know, when making any affiliate marketing site is exactly who your audience is going to be and within the gambling niche, this is even more prevalent. For example, if you are advertising slot exclusive casinos – it would make sense that the content on your site reflects this by showcasing slot games.

Unlike many affiliate markets, in the gambling industry there are
a couple of details that you need to constantly bare in mind.

Firstly, you must keep in mind the latest casino regulations for the country you are writing about. If changes are made to regulation, you will need to ensure your site keeps up to date, to ensure you do not breach any regulations and have your affiliate manager redirecting your traffic away from their casino.

Secondly, if you are leading your traffic to a casino with the promise of bonuses and promotions, you will need to ensure that not only do you understand the offer, but you are accurately conveying this to your readers. Once again, the affiliate program you are promoting through, will remain the right to suspend or redirect your traffic, if you are not accurately representing their brand or offerings.

Finally, it is likely the operators terms and conditions will mention details on the casino’s promotion which would make you a valuable asset to players, if you bring this up on your site.

In the gambling niche, you must ensure you have valuable, quality content which will not only attract visitors, but give them a reason to want to use your site.

Spanish Online Gambling Market Growth

Published 07.06.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

The Spanish gaming regulator (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego), has recently released their annual player report. This revealed that the average spend per player has increased by around 4% to €533 in 2020, this increase is equal to around €44.50 per month.

In addition to this, there has been an incline in the total number of players taking part. The number of online gaming players in Spain has now reached 1.4 million, seeing an increase of 8.2% on 2019. The growth was observed across all age groups, but with the older generations showing the steepest change.

  • 26 to 35, 503,335 players
  • 18 to 25, 406,667 players
  • 46 to 55, 156,069 players
  • 56 to 60, 1,706 players

  • Although the above statistics show that the most active markets are 26 to 35 and 18 to 25, it was actually the other two age groups which saw the biggest increase in players.

    Interestingly, the most used form of online gambling among all ages was sports betting, rather than other forms of gambling such as slots and table games.

    Fraudulent Affiliate Marketing Schemes shut down by Amazon

    Published 03.06.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

    Amazon has recently filed a federal lawsuit in Washington against several individuals for operating an illegal advertising system. The defendants were using Amazon’s name in fraudulent text messages, which sent receivers to various websites with the promise of earning rewards.

    Once a recipient had clicked on one of the links from the messages, they were redirected to a survey website which also used Amazon’s name and branding. Here they would be promised that completing the survey will unlock various rewards. However upon completion, instead of being given a prize, they would be sent to various shopping sites where the affiliates would then make their money.

    In recent years, we have seen Amazon carry out similar investigations, as well as
    serve lawsuits in an attempt to stamp out these frauds. Amazon has now filed five lawsuits against fraudulent affiliate marketing schemes as well as come to seven settlement agreements where it was agreed the campaigns will stop and pay in excess of $1.5 million in damages.

    Kathy Sheehan, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Business Conduct & Ethics, release the following statement:

    ‘Amazon works hard to build a great, trusted experience for our customers and sellers. These bad actors are misusing our brand to deceive the public and we will hold them accountable. We also want to remind consumers to be vigilant and learn how to recognize the signs of a scam so they are protected, no matter where they shop.’

    Affiliate Marketing - Increase your Conversions!

    Published 02.06.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

    Affiliate Marketing is only getting bigger. It is estimated that over 80% of brands use affiliate marketing in one way or another, whether they have their own program or are added into established affiliate network such as AffConnect.

    There are millions of affiliates out there, with their success varying. How do you not only stand out, but not come across as the pushy salesman? Well, we have a few tips for our lucky readers

    Believe in the Product
    When you don’t believe in what you are promoting, it is clear to the customer. This is especially obvious in the case of social media influencers, as their following have a bond based on trust and generally can tell if the product is truly backed by them. Believing in a product isn’t just for influencers, if you manage to do the hard work and get your material in front of an audience, you then need to convince them to make a purchase. You will need to make a persuasive enough sales pitch for someone to not only click on a link which takes them elsewhere, but for them to also follow through and make the purchase. If your offer isn’t compelling enough for you to sign on the dotted line, its unlikely you will be able to compel someone else.

    Handpick Products
    A common mistake amongst even long serving affiliates, is to select a wide range of brands and products to promote. Instead, you should fine tune the items you promote that not only relate to your existing content, but would actually be of value to your target audience. This will simplify the process of selling, as the product will immediately be of interest.

    Give Solutions, Don't Sell
    The most successful affiliates out there, are the ones who present or acknowledge a problem and then provide a solution, much like the famous “sell me this pen”. Instead of telling the consumer to buy, you should have the customer come to the conclusion they need the product on their own.

    Three Illegal Casinos shut down by Dutch Gaming Regulator

    Published 01.06.2021  Author: Jake  Category: News

    The Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit has shut down three illegal casinos operating from the city of Venlo, following a police raid which targeted a café as well as a house in the southeast of the Netherlands.

    Over €12,000 in cash was seized, along with a Rolex watch and nineteen unlicensed slot machines, which have since been destroyed. The KSA released in their statement, that one of the machines had a monthly turnover of €100,000.

    Across the two premises two individuals, of the 22 people found, were arrested with charges of money laundering.

    The city Mayor, Antoin Scholten, said: 'Tackling illegal gambling is important to Venlo. With this we protect our young people, we give criminals no chance of money laundering and we stop breeding grounds for possible drug trafficking. Moreover, these criminal activities cause a lot of unrest and nuisance in the area. We will continue to take action against that.'

    UKGC Fines Ladbrokes Coral Group

    Published 04.09.2019  Author: Jake  Category: News

    The UK Gambling Commission, or UKGC has announced that they have issued a penalty package to Ladbrokes Coral Group after they were found to have a number of systemic failings. The penalty package includes a number of improvements that are to be urgently made and implemented, along with a fine of €6.5 million.

    The UKGC had been investigating Ladbrokes for a while and had found that between November 2015 and October 2017 the company had failed to have effective safeguards to prevent gambling harm and money laundering. The lack of attention to this continued after the company had merged becoming Ladbrokes Coral Group.

    The financial penalty is made up of two charges, with the first being €5.3 million for the initial failures along with a fine €1.2 million to account for the profits made from the customers who had gambled during this period. The commission continued - “GVC will also review the top 50 customers for the years 2015-2017 to consider whether any further failings can be identified, and if so they will divest themselves of profit accordingly. GVC has committed to making a number of improvements to the business including overhauling its responsible gaming and customer interaction processes, retraining staff, and hiring new staff

    The Commission Executive Director, Richard Watson said - “Decision-makers at gambling businesses need to invest in the welfare of their customers and the integrity of money being gambled with. These were systemic failings at a large operator which resulted in consumers being harmed and stolen money flowing through the business and this is unacceptable.”

    GPA Insists on Gambling Advertising Ban

    Published 04.09.2019  Author: Jake  Category: News

    The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has recently been urging for a ban on gambling adverts shown during match broadcasts. The GPA Chief Executive, Paul Flynn has stated that advertisements of this nature need to be removed from the sport, in order to protect vulnerable people from exposure. He specifically mentioned younger people, who he claims are at most risk.

    The call is thought to come from GPA’s efforts to follow on from the rules that have recently been implemented into the UK’s sports industry. Sports betting operators in the country voluntarily agreed to stop advertising during live sporting events both before and during the games.

    Last year, the GPA launched an awareness campaign called “Reduce the Odds” which was to protect the Gaelic Games integrity. “The campaign aims to inform all members of the Association’s rules relating to gambling, highlight research identifying athletes as an at-risk group in relation to problem gambling, signpost persons in need of help to support services available in Ireland

    When the announcement of the awareness campaign was first published, John Horan said - “Gambling and sport is a societal issue in the modern world. The wellbeing of our members and the integrity of our games are paramount to the GAA. The Association has made significant strides in recent years to preserve both. We hope that his campaign offers our clubs and members the resources necessary to continue that work at grassroots level.”

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