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Lower Austria Submits New Sports Betting Regulations

Published 21.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Last week, Austria were looking to update their regulations surrounding their gambling industry. This was spurred by the realisation that their current ones are outdated, having being written over 4 decades ago. The largest state in the country, Lower Austria had submitted some new betting laws to the European Commission – the new rules are set to regulate online and retail betting.

The Law on the Activities of Totalizators and Bookmakers was approved in 1978 and has been regulating the industry ever since. This raises a number of problems, due to the introduction of the internet and huge advancements in technology. The Lower Austria Sports Betting Act wants to be able to update the laws every year, in order to stay on top of technological developments in the gambling industry.

The new Act rules that sports betting operators can apply for an online or retail licence, both working as separate entities. Newly applying operators can only get a licence that lasts for two years, whereas renewing operators are able to hold a
10-year licence. Operators will also have to apply for a master licence, which outline the types of activities and locations where they can offer betting terminals.

Under the new legislation, operators will have to set up some safeguards, similar to what we have seen with other regulated markets. Players are only able to place bets up to €35 in value and all players must provide photo ID proving they are over the age of 18.

Apple to Offer Casino Apps in South Korea

Published 20.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Operators will soon be able to focus on building and launching casino apps targeting South Koreans, after Apple announced they will soon be allowing for such apps to be available in the country.

Apple sent an email out to a number of application developers, stating that they have been working alongside the local government to make casino applications downloadable in South Korea. The apps will be required to meet certain criteria and will only be available to users over the age of 18.

The email explained that – “In an effort to open up additional opportunities for developers, we’ve worked with the government of the Republic of Korea on making more apps available on the App Store in the Republic of Korea. If your app meets at least one of the criteria below, you’ll be able to offer it on the App Store in the Republic of Korea to users 19 years of age or older.”

Additionally, Apple have rolled out some changes across the globe, forcing apps featuring “frequent/intense simulated gambling” to be rated 17+ on the app store
. Obviously, direct gambling applications will remain an 18, but apps that simulate the action will also have a certain age restriction.

Germany Restricts Online Gambling Payment Methods

Published 20.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

As of October 21st, the online gamblers of Germany will have to find a new way to deposit their funds, after it was announced that PayPal will no longer be an available option for many German targeting casinos.

In June of this year, the local government announced that they had issued a warning to an “unidentified international payment processor”, telling them to suspend their relationship with German targeting online casinos. They were found to be allowing German players to deposit funds into casinos that were not locally regulated.

This week, PayPal released a new version of their German market Terms of Service. They had included a new prohibited activity, stating that “offers that are not legal in your respective whereabouts, including some online gambling offers.” Due to this development, it’s suspected that
the unidentified payment processor was PayPal.

Currently there is only one German state which has licensed casinos, Schelswig-Holstein. The local regulatory body has announced that any new or renewing licensees will be required to agree to not market their services outside of the state.

Additionally, there have been some new restrictions that operators found out after an information session in Hesse. Some of the new gambling rules include a ban on non-sports products, a ban on in-play wagering and a 5% tax on betting turnover. The one that stung the most was a monthly spending cap of €1,000 per customer, which needs to be strictly enforced.

Football Index in the Crosshairs of ASA

Published 19.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Football Index, a company who allow for their players to buy and sell stocks in Football stars - have been receiving some unwanted attention after their new Facebook advert. The Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) has ruled the advertisement as inappropriate, due to them featuring football players under the age of 25.

The advert that was originally shown in May had a number of footballers that are under the age of 25 featuring, such as Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford. It’s stated in the ASA’s code, that any celebrity or actor shown in gambling adverts must be over the age of 25. The advert also featured text that read “Jadon Sancho is now the football stockmarket’s third most valuable player, with many traders seeing handsome profits” and “Sancho the Big Mover.” This further drew attention to these young players.

Football Index responded to the complaints and stated that no players under the age of 25 will be used in any of the future advertising campaigns. However they added that they
“considered that the use of the images of Jadon Sancho, Raheem Sterling, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Kylian Mbappe and Marcus Rashford did not constitute them playing a significant role and that the images represented a roster of players and were used solely to illustrate the functional features of the platform and what consumers would see if using the app”.

Regardless of their defensive stance, they have agreed to remove the advert and will be providing training to all relevant segments of their team to ensure future offenses are not made.

The Advertising Standard Agency said – “We understood the intention of the ad was to illustrate the nature of the gambling app and how it could be played. However, we considered that of equal measure was its aim to offer the audience an opportunity to use the app for the purposes of gambling. In that context, while the significance of the players under 25 was no greater than the other players featured, we considered that all listed footballers were the focus of the post, and that each of them played an equally significant role. In light of the above, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible and therefore breached the Code.”

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