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Betsson Partners with GiG Group to Improve Affiliate Compliance

Published 26.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Gaming Innovation Group or GiG, have recently announced that they have signed a deal with Betsson, one of the largest Swedish online gambling operators. The deal will see Betsson gain access to GiG Comply, a marketing compliance screening tool that will provide them with a stronger control over third-party advertisers and protect their brands from being promoted on non-compliant sites.

A time consuming task for affiliate managers is to look through their affiliate’s websites to ensure there’s no incorrect information that puts their brand at risk. The core functionality of GiG Comply is to scan and analyse thousands of webpages, images and URLs to ensure that everything remains within compliance. The search can be expanded to crawl the internet in search of mentions of brand names and then to report the findings to the operator.

The Chief Commercial Officer at Betsson Operations said – “We are looking forward to working with the GiG Comply product to reinforce Betsson Group’s existing compliance processes. The product will support us in guaranteeing that affiliate activity and marketing is compliant and sustainable

Richard Brown at GiG also commented - “We are excited to add Betsson Group to our growing number of partners and to support them in protecting their brands and end users. Our leading marketing and compliance technology will allow Betsson Group to keep even more control of its affiliate marketing.”

Iowa Sports Betting Ready to Launch

Published 25.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The new sports betting industry is set to begin next week, with regulations being finalised and approved by the local gambling commission. However, some aspects have been delayed and will be reconsidered whilst the activity is legal in the state.

One of the segments that has been postponed is based around players who are in debt with the country, it was originally proposed that such players would have their winnings collected by the government to pay child support, taxes and criminal debts. It was requested by a number of operators to hold off on this, due to the fact that the bill did not explain how these winnings will be collected.

The majority of the regulations were both voted and approved back in July, with the plan to launch in late August. They regulatory body also decided that 18 of the 19 applying operators will receive a sports betting licence.

Additionally, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission fined
Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino after they were found to have allowed an underage player to both gamble and drink alcohol. Events such as these, play a major fact in the scrutiny of launching new gambling products. The Commission issued a fine of $20,000 to the operator who allowed a 19 year old to gamble in their casino.

Mexico Looking to Regulate eSports Betting

Published 23.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Globally, eSports is continuously growing and drawing attention, with young people winning hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from video games. Mexico in particular are looking to begin regulating the industry, as it has been valued at €1.26 billion by the Mexican Federation of eSports (FEMES).

Their plans to regulate the sector, are intended to encourage development whilst ensuring the safety of not only eSports players, but the individuals gambling on the matches. If the country proceeds, they could become one of the first to formalise eSports. The FEMES president, Ismael Silva explained that the legislation should “monitor the conditions of eSports events, professionalisation and approval of rules”

He continued: “It’s unbelievable that eSports events are still held in which organisers have to commit to pay a prize. And that such payment may take 180 days to be delivered or up to a year. It must be guaranteed that you have the prize money in advance. Players must carry out their development under the international rules so that they can achieve professionalisation. It is a sport and we will treat it as such from our position as coaches, players or organisers

Along with the expansion of eSports itself, there have been a number of online casino and sports betting sites which have begun to transition their products to the new industry. The act of regulating eSports in general, will in turn begin the process to regulate the new eSport betting industry, offering everyone a safer environment.

Swedish Gambling Regulatory Body Continues to Fight Underage Betting

Published 21.08.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling regulator has issued warnings along with four fines to sportsbook operators, after they were found to be offering wagers on events involving athletes under the age of 18.

The size of the penalty to each operator depended on their income. The fine was calculated as 0.1% of revenue, which resulted in the following amounts: ComeOn Sweden – SEK9.5 million, Snabbare – SEK6 million, Hajper – SEK4.5 million and – SEK100,000.

These penalties were administered following these sportsbooks offering bets on matches and sporting events that had participants that were 17 and younger, which is strictly against the regulatory rules. The matches included five Under 17 international football matches, an Under 19 game back in April and an Under 17 volleyball match which took place in May.

Ever since the Swedish market was re-regulated at the start of 2019, Spelinspektionen has been
chasing operators down, issuing both warnings and penalties to try and stamp out the activity. In addition, they have requested for the Swedish Football Association to restrict betting on its Division 2 Södra Svealand, after there were a number of match-fixing allegations.

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