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Instagram's New Promotional & Shopping Features

Published 07.12.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms for promoting products, dominated by influencer marketing and sponsored content.

Since things change so quickly in the world of digital marketing, it's important to keep on track with everything that's going on - along with getting yourself involved with as many trends as possible.
Instagram has rolled out three major updates to help consumers on their application. As an affiliate, you might want to consider these new features in your campaigns, as they are quickly proving successful.

Shopping Collection
The first new feature allows for consumers to save products to their "shopping collection", this useful feature will help increase conversions from social media campaigns. Even if a consumer doesn't buy right away, they will bookmark the link allowing for a future sale.

Shop Business Products
Instagram made it easier to shop for a business' products, if an affiliate tags the business page on Instagram - it allows for the consumer to view all products the business has to offer.

Shop via Video
Finally, probably the biggest change is allowing users to shop through videos uploaded to Instagram. By tapping the shopping icon on a video, all products with relating links will pop up allowing the user to either buy or follow the links to the landing page. Video promotion allows for a more in-depth advertisement, along with encouraging impressions.

AffConnect's High Affiliate Commission

Published 05.12.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

If you are looking for an Affiliate Program with high commission, look no further.

AffConnect is an affiliate program promoting a number of different casinos, with new ones being constantly added. The best thing about there being numerous casinos is the chance to trial different casinos to see what works best with your website. Along with a great selection of top rated casinos, the platform awards their affiliates with high commission rates

Revenue Share
Revenue Share is probably the type you are most familiar with, awarding affiliates a percentage of all revenue. The starting percentage is a solid 20%, awarding you a fifth of any revenue you generate for the casino, however AffConnect offers commission tiers to further award their loyal and successful affiliates. This offers all their affiliates the chance to progress up to 40% Rev-Share which continues for life.

Sub Affiliate
Being an Affiliate is often referred to as earning money whilst you sleep, with Sub Affiliate commission you can rely on other affiliates creating revenue for you. In the AffConnect platform, 15% commission is earned on all revenue generated by your referred affiliates. The benefits don't stop there, the system has 5 levels of Sub Affiliates - meaning that even if the people you refer, refer affiliates you will earn commission for those as well.

Sign up for AffConnect, experiment with the different brands to see what works best for you and earn commission taking advantage of their high commission plans!

Join AffConnect at - or read our AffConnect Affiliate Program Review.

AskGamblers & SlotsFighter Partnership - Twitch

Published 03.12.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

AskGamblers have teamed up with a gambling twitch streamer, under the name of SlotsFighter two players will go head to head to see who can win the most money.

The two affiliates will use their casino of choice, whilst playing the same slot - will battle off to see which casino has the best payback.
The twitch channel is called SlotsFighter and they have already had success with their viewers not only watching the stream, but using the referral links in the channels description to give the casinos a go for themselves.

In the past we have seen affiliates utilise YouTube, posting gameplay of big wins occurring in the hopes to entice players. However, from a consumer perspective they understand that the videos they see are more than likely highlights from hours of playtime. The great thing about Twitch streaming is the fact views can watch live and see the casino games in action in real time.

How does it work?
Both players will start with 1,000 Euros, with the head to head ending after a best of 5. Each round lasts for 10 minutes and during that time, players can bet as they wish along with switching games to whatever they desire. The round winner is decided by whoever gets the biggest win inside of 10 minutes.

This new format of promoting casinos could change the affiliate marketing world forever, as it provides a transparency - along with a brand new entertainment value in the advertising strategy.

Affiliate World Asia - Affiliate Event

Published 29.11.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

Affiliate World Asia is scheduled to take place in just a couple of days. As a new or old affiliate trying to expand, it's a good idea to try and attend some of these events. This one in particular will be taking place in Thailand on the 5th of December until the 7th of December.

The events not only give a great excuse to get out of the country, or visit somewhere new - they can benefit your career more than you think.
The entire event is based around allowing affiliates and businesses to get together and network, giving you a chance to strike a commission deal with a new affiliate program.

The event has over 3000 confirmed attendees, with panels, guest speakers and full exhibition market. During the evening, if you're not quite ready to finish for the night - there are multiple after hours activities you can get involved in.

We have more information on the full article under the Affiliate Events section.

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