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High Court Supports Gambling Advertisements in Keyna

Published 29.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Kenyan National Betting and Licensing Board (NBLB) decided they were going to ban outdoor gambling adverts, up until the Nairobi High Court stepped in, deeming the decision as unconstitutional. According to the court, the gambling advertising ban in Kenya should not be allowed and termed it as “null and void.”

The NBLB had also banned the use of celebrities and sports stars from endorsing online bookies, but Judge John Mativo of Milimani Law Courts noted that regulation wasn’t anchored on law.

The board Director Liti Wambua said that – “We wish to remind you that gaming has a potential to harm the consumer with a possibility of leading to addiction as well as some disorder. We therefore
as a regulator of the industry has a duty to protect its customer, members of the public, the young and vulnerable…”

Along with this, the Kenyan-licensed gambling operators are continuing to face demands to collectively pay the sum of $257 million, which the government claims to be unpaid taxes. The government has issued a final warning stating that any operator that is found to be in arrears by the 1st of July, will have their licenses revoked.

Swedish Operators Fined after Violating Bonus Rules

Published 27.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Sweden’s gambling regulator has issued fines to a couple of their licensees for “repeated” violations of rules around bonus offers. In the original agreement, it is stated in the agreement that casinos can only offer bonuses to first-time customers. Once a customer has deposited for the first time, they are off limits when it comes to sending out bonus offers.

The Swedish regulatory body, Spelinspektionen warned and penalised both Betway Ltd and Mandalorian Technologies Ltd. The two operators were found to be repeatedly breaking the rules regarding bonus offers.

Betway, which operates in the country under the domain was fined a sum of SEK5 Million ($520,000), while Mandalorian’s casino sites, and was fined SEK9 million ($935,000). It was said that these two companies had “some compliance” but “further measures must be taken to achieve full compliance” with the regulators rules

Russia Watchdog Finds Google Guilty of Casino Advertising

Published 26.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The Moscow directorate of Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Services (FAS) has revealed that they have once again found Google guilty of advertising gambling sites illegally. The Watchdog released a statement explaining how Google has breached the current regulations by advertising a gambling company through AdWords.

Currently gambling advertisements, including online casinos, is prohibited in Russia – causing for Google to face a fine of around €6,500, however this figure hasn’t been confirmed.

This isn’t the first offense in the past few months, in December of 2018, Google was found to be displaying blacklisted gambling sites in their search results. The Russian Telecom Regulatory Authority fined google €6,500 along with giving a list of a further 3,000 gambling sites that should be blocked

The current legislation establishes that all search engines must check a registry of banned sites and remove them from their search results. The registry currently has over 100,000 websites and the government is studying the possibility of a new law that would raise the penalty for such violations.

Spanish Government Pushing for Ban on Gambling Advertisements

Published 24.05.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

The current acting Civic Ombudsman has urged the Spanish government to consider setting up a blanket ban on all gambling related advertisements, extending to the media, radio, television and the internet. The suggested ban comes after the “soon to be formed” Spanish coalition government is expected to be implementing new regulation which will involve stricter control over the ways such advertisements can run.

This isn’t the first time these proposals have circulated in Spain, their Finance Minister – Maria Montero has previously suggested to place a similar ban on gambling, to the one in place for tobacco products.

It has been said that any operator who is found in contravention with the proposed ban could result in the cancellation of the operator’s license, however
this would only be justified if a total ban is imposed. A final statement from the Ombudsman said that advertising gambling “should not be considered protected in the freedom of business, as it is not in products such as tobacco or addictive substances.”

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