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Businesses Investing in Influencer Marketing

Published 03.01.2019  Author: J.D  Category: News

Influencer Marketing has taken off in the past few years, with social media stars being the new era of celebrities. Businesses are quickly changing their online marketing strategies to include influencers in their budget and it's no surprise.

When asked, around 50% of digital users say they trust influencers' opinions on products and services, meaning that if companies can encourage these people to positively mention their business - they will be perceived well in the public eye. Up to 40% of Twitter Users have claimed they have purchased something based off a tweet from someone else, whether this be friend's or influencers tweeting about something they have recently purchased.

As someone looking to generate revenue online, with minimal effort - it's a good idea to put some time into growing a brand on social media. It's said that 75% of marketers now allocate a portion of their budget to influencer marketing as it as such a high success rate.

The rise of the internet has dramatically changed how a lot of people shop, rather than heading onto a high street and searching for products - people prefer to order online. However, this has now been made even more convenient with the progression of smartphones. The new generation can't seem to get off their phones with social media being a large factor as to why, it's no surprise Instagram and Twitter campaigns prove to be so successful.

Starting 2019 Right

Published 29.12.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

The year coming to an end, it's important to start planning your new year's resolutions and ensure you start 2019 strong. A great step as an affiliate is to try to attend some Affiliate Events, they happen frequently and all around the world - so you are bound to be close to one.

The events consist of numerous opportunities to increase your revenue, through the countless networking facilities to meet peers along with potential business partners, hear from the top of the market professionals and participate in the variety of workshops to fine-tune your skills. Alternatively, each event offers multiple after hour parties and dinner nights, to allow you to kick back and relax with like-minded people over some drinks. You deserve a break to settle you into the year ahead.

Here at Internet-Affiliate, we have a few recommendations on what events you should look into:

Affiliate Summit - West - 6th January to 8th January

Starting off the year strong in Las Vegas, the Affiliate Summit keep improving every year, returning each time with new activities and higher class speakers to give their attendees the edge over the competition. Once again, the Affiliate Summits are hosted all around the world. Be on the lookout for Affiliate Summit Europe in Amsterdam and Affiliate Arab in Giza, Egypt.

iGB Affiliate Conference - London - 6th February to 9th February

Leaving the first month to get yourself in order, once February comes around iGB will be hosting an Affiliate Conference in London, England. The event will have over 5,000 people attending which creates a networking hot spot, to meet old contacts and create new. iGB of course hosts a few events scattered across the globe including, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam and their newest addition - Sweden.

Ad:Tech - New Delhi - 14th March to 15th March

Ad:Tech should be at the top of your list, as they are the highest rated affiliate events, offering a packed weekend along with taking place all around the world in some beautiful places. If India isn't a place you can easily get to, Ad:Tech host events in China, New Zealand and the UK which they keep expanding on, so there is always a new chance to take part.

If you want to view our catalog of Affiliate Events, find out more details and see what each has to offer - head over to our Affiliate Events page.

We hope to see you there!

Russia fines Google for allowing Prohibited Sites in Search Results

Published 24.12.2018  Author: J.D  Category: News

Russian's telecom watchdog has issued a financial penalty of $7,500 to Google after they refused to remove forbidden material from search results, including many gambling sites that impose on Russian regulation. It's said that Google is failing to connect Russian search results with the country's federal state information system or FGIS.

An administrative case was opened against Google in late November after repeated complaints were made concerning the search engine displaying "prohibited internet resources" which include tens of thousands of online gambling domains
Roskomnadzor blacklists each year. The results also displayed over 13,000 domains in November and has already tallied up 3,200 in the first week of December.

Roskomnadzor CEO Alexander Zharov said that the regulator has "repeatedly explained these legal requirements" to Google, which in response said that its activities were in compliance with Russian law. However, Alexander Zharov shut down Google's claims saying that seeing the prohibited sites in the search results was "irrefutable proof filtering is not carried out."

Zharov stated that Roskomnadzor wouldn't hesitate to open further administrative cases against Google if they continue to operate outside of Russian law. Russian legislators were discussing the increase of financial penalties for these offensives, in order to make them more deterrent. According to a report, one proposal could penalize companies 1% of their annual revenue in Russia. Googles Russian revenue was calculated to be $640 million in 2017, making the potential fine being around the $6.4 million mark.

Sweden Online Gambling License Recipients now include PokerStars

Published 21.12.2018  Author: J.D   Category: News

Sweden's new online gambling licensee ranks have been expanded to cover five new operators, including PokerStars; parent company The Stars Group. The gaming regulatory agency of Sweden, Spelinspektionen issued the licenses to operators deemed suitable to function in the new Swedish regulated gambling market - which takes effect on the first of January.

The new licensees include TSG Interactive, which plan to offer the domains associated with the company's PokerStars, Full Tilt and BetStars brands. Joining them will be Betclic Everest Group, Betway Group and TipWin, who plan to operatate through their and domains.

The final license was handed out to the Malta-based Mandalorian Technologies Ltd, which plans to offer strictly online casino games through and

Spelinspektionen has now issued 23 licenses across the country, with the chances of many more to come. They recieved around 70 applications, which they plan to review and approve before the start of January. While it took a while for the Swedish government to get to this stage, they have been applauded for having a fiarly reasonable set of rules governing their new online market.

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